How Huntington are YOU

This quiz is about Huntington, West Virginia!!! It is a multple question quiz indicating that you either are or are not from Huntington. The answers to the questions are answers that only Huntington representatives would know.

If you are from Huntington or west Virginia period have fun taking the quiz. Don't be mad if you do not pass the quiz. It just means that you are not from the H. Soo prepair yourself for the quiz. And enjoy taking it. Good luck...

Created by: Rachel

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  1. What is on the corner of 1st St. and 8th Ave?
  2. What high school did you or do you go to?
  3. Finish this Quote..."We are...."
  4. What is Stewarts specialty?
  5. What cateogory do the following go under...Artisan, Charleston, 9th Ave., Doulton, 10 Ave, 11 Ave, 12 Ave, and a couple Streets along the way?
  6. When you were younger you used to go out with you friends to the...
  7. What Mall is in Barboursville?
  8. After you have graduated will you still go back to watch the Highlanders play?
  9. Do you perfer Heiners or Wonder Bread?
  10. You can get anywhere in Huntington with in _______ minutes, and with $_______ for cab fare.

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