Which Film Festival film are You?

There are many films to go see at the Virginia Film Festival, but which one should you spend your hard-earned Arts $ to see? Take this quiz to form a greater understanding.

Which Virginia Film Festival Film are YOU? All Results can be seen at Newcomb Hall between November 1-4. Free using Arts $. Check vafilm.com for schedule and ticketing information.

Created by: Christina
  1. What is your favorite genre of film?
  2. My ideal cinematic location is __ .
  3. What is your favorite literary genre?
  4. Complete the following. My ideal career is a ______.
  5. Who is your favorite actor?
  6. What is your favorite weekend hobby?
  7. What's your major?
  8. What's your favorite restaurant?
  9. Where do you like to study?
  10. What are your extra-curricular activities?

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Quiz topic: Which Film Festival film am I?