How much do you know Festen

Festen is a well known Danish film. If you didn't know that then there is no point in you taking this quiz. See how well you know this excellent film by taking this quiz.

Do you know Festen? Did you know it was a film. Festen is an excellent film that shows the true nature of human society. Watch it sometime and if you do you cantest your knowledge in this quiz!

Created by: billy
  1. What is the English translation of the title Festen?
  2. Who directed Festen?
  3. Which New Wave is Festen part of?
  4. What year was Festen released?
  5. Was Festen...
  6. Which of these is not a character name from the film...
  7. Which actor played Christian?
  8. Which crew member cannot be credited in this New Wave?
  9. How old is Helge in the film?
  10. Linda is who's twin?
  11. How many people aid in tying Christian to the tree?
  12. What is Elsa in relation to Helge?
  13. Who's character name is the same as their own?
  14. How many children does Michael have?
  15. Who does the director star as?

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