Do you know Pitch Perfect?

Pitch Perfect. A film about love, loss, and weirdoes; but in a very unorthodox way. A new sensation: a cappella. I don't recommend taking this quiz without seeing the film.

How well do you know Pitch Perfect? Find out by taking this quiz! 10 medium difficulty questions. Only one answer to each. Its not that hard! Just take it! (peeeerr pressure!!)

Created by: Kiely

  1. What song was Jesse playing the air guitar to in the car?
  2. What is Fat Amy's real name?
  3. What year was Pitch Perfect released?
  4. Who visited Beca in the shower?
  5. What song did Benji sing in the last performance?
  6. Who played Beca in the movie?
  7. What was the group Jesse was in?
  8. Finish the quote... "But you have juice pouches and ____"
  9. What is the original name of "The Cup Song"
  10. What did Lilly say to make Donald call her adorable?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Pitch Perfect?