SevenSuperGirls quiz 2017!

This quiz is about ssg (sevensupergirls)! They are a youtube channel and basiclly what they are, they are 7 girls who each make videos every week. Each girl has a certain day when they film. For example, Jazzy her day to film videos is tuesday on every week! But they can't film whatever they want. There is a theme every week that they each have to do! Some examples of themes are, expectation vs. reality, room tour, house tour, freestyle (which is the day where you csn film whatever you want), the mescheivious _______, the unlucky ____ and etc.

Do YOU like to film? Do YOU want to be on it? You can't just decide to be on it, you have to tryout. How you do that is that you have to film a video, and post it on youtube talking about yourself (like facts) and just making a skit! I'm not going to be on it because i'm not aloud to be on youtube:(

Created by: Alba Canko
  1. Who was the first girl to leave ssg in 2017?
  2. Who is the newest girl in ssg ever since emily left the monday spot?
  3. In katherine and racheals spot, who asked to join the saks channel? was it racheal who asked katherine or katherine who asked racheal?
  4. Why did Emily leave the saks channel?
  5. Which girl in ssg has the video titled "Unhappy accidents!"
  6. Which girl in ssg has 0 siblings?
  7. Which girl in ssg has 2 dogs?
  8. In ssg which girl has a dog named Roxy?
  9. Which girl is the profile picture of the ssg youtube account?
  10. which girl in ssg has the video titled "The donation"?

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