What type of YouTube videos should you make?

Many people want to be on YouTube. Do you ever wonder what videos you should make on YouTube? Before starting a YouTube channel you have to figure out want you videos are going to be like.

This quiz will help you figure out what type of YouTube videos you should make. There are many people making YouTube videos if you want to be a YouTuber you should plan your videos.

Created by: Autumn
  1. Do you like making people laugh or smile?
  2. What do people say about your drawings?
  3. Do you like making things with your hands?
  4. Do you play video games?
  5. Do you like to drink water?
  6. You have to run a mile tomorrow what would you say?
  7. Do you like to watch videos that make fun of music videos like parodies?
  8. Do you like showing people how to do something?
  9. What are you mostly good at?
  10. Do people go up to you for help?
  11. Do you eat healthy?
  12. Are you a craft person
  13. Do you exercise?

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Quiz topic: What type of YouTube videos should I make?