How much do you know YouTube ?

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In this world , we don't have smart and dumb people . We have experienced people and unexperienced people . Who are you ? Check this YouTube quiz .👋🏻👋🏻

Do you know YouTube as much as me ? Can you get all the questions right ? Can you beat me ? I bet the odds you can't !!! Well let's figure out in this quiz ... Y'all try it !!!

Created by: Brooks summer
  1. When was YouTube created ?
  2. Which video is the most viewed video ever ?
  3. Remember the previous question ? Well if you don't it's "which video is the most viewed on YouTube ? " so based on your answer , how many views the video got ?
  4. Who is the YouTube boyband ?
  5. Who's ThatcherJoe ?
  6. Remember the second previous question ? Well you should remember ( you have a memory of a fish ) !!!😞😲😲😲😲well it was "who's the YouTube boyband?" Based on your answer , what was there first official song ?
  7. Who's the YouTube queen ?
  8. " well Hello there guys , my name is ..." Who's this intro belong to ?
  9. Who's behind the character ' Miranda Sings ' ??
  10. who's southafrican/Australian ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know YouTube ?