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The world has been revolutionized by computers and technology. In just our lifetimes, we have seen an explosion of mobile computing, fast internet, and constant connection. Of course, you are using a web browser running on a device to access this very page.

You have arrived in our top-level Computers category. Dive in to the various sub-topics and find fun quizzes other users have created. Are you a technophile? A digital native? Will you have a career as a coder? You will find out!


  • InternetTest what you know about internet use, history and culture. What sites do you frequent, what Youtube personalities do you follow?

Our Computer Quizzes

  • CISCO Study/Practice Test
    [by: Dodo, rated: rated: 3.67/5, published: Dec 17, 2019]

    A quiz to help you study for a CISCO class on routing technology.

  • Are you a computer geek?
    [by: Will Peavy, rated: rated: 3.1/5, published: Dec 31, 2006]

    Computers are now accessible to more people than ever before, and there is a continually increasing body of knowledge relative to computing. Computer geeks…

  • What Computer Do You Need?
    [by: FarrSight, rated: rated: 2.81/5, published: Jun 17, 2008]

    Will you be satisfied with a mid-range computer or do you need more power? Find out what you need.

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