Chapter 6 CISCO project practice test

Chapter 6 Cisco project for my Cisco class. In this chapter I learned about routers and how to connect a lot of things to them. How to configure them, what's inside them, and even how much they are like PC's.

Do you really understand chapter 6/CISCO routing? Take this to find out. Struggling with this chapter specifically? Take this to find out. Just keep taking it until you get a 100.

Created by: Dodo
  1. What is de-encapsulation?
  2. What are the network layer protocols?
  3. Why is a header used in the transport layer?
  4. Define: Best Effort
  5. Define: Connectionless
  6. Define: Media Independent
  7. What one thing does the sender not know in connectionless communication?
  8. What one thing does the receiver not know in connectionless communication?
  9. What may happen to data packets when using the Best Effort process?
  10. A true fact about IP packets
  11. What is it called when a router splits up a packet when forwarding it from one medium to another medium?
  12. What is version?
  13. What is time-to-live?
  14. what is the difference between a Source IPv4 Address and a Destination IPv4 Address
  15. Which thing identifies each priorities for each packet?
  16. Which thing is always set to 0100 for IPv4?
  17. Which thing identifies the upper layer protocol to be used next?
  18. Which thing identifies the IP address for the recipient host?
  19. What are some limitation to IPv4?
  20. what are some improvements that IPv6 provides?
  21. how much space does 32-bit IPv4 address provide?
  22. How much space does IPv6 address provide?
  23. what is the loopback interface?
  24. What is a local host?
  25. What is a remote host?
  26. What does the default gateway do?
  27. What does the show ip route command do?
  28. What does the "C" entry do?
  29. What does the "L" entry do?
  30. What specific company does the Branch help out?
  31. What specific company does a WAN help out?
  32. What specific company does Service Provider help out?
  33. What things do routers need just like computers?
  34. define RAM
  35. define NVRAM
  36. define ROM
  37. define flash
  38. Console?
  39. Telnet?
  40. SSH?
  41. Do you believe in yourself?

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