Chapter 9 - PSYA02

So, you think you know PSYA02 chapter 10? Well give this quiz a shot! I need to fill up one hundred-fifty characters WITHOUT stating that requirement or gibberish

OMG I have to fill up another little box with characters!! I just wanted to make a quiz for this chapter!! Typing these things out turned out longer than the quiz itself!

Created by: Sabrina
  1. The smallest units of sound that are recognizable as speech rather than as random noise are classified as:
  2. When you form a sentence, you start with the _______ and then the _________.
  3. Fast mapping is when:
  4. The definition "devoid of function morphemes and consist of content words" refers to which of the following terms?
  5. Three theories about language development come from which of the following types of Psychology?
  6. ___________ disorder is associated with language comprehension.
  7. ___________ disorder is associated with language production.
  8. ___________ disorder is associated with the inability to learn language.
  9. Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis is:
  10. The difference between a Prototype Theory and Exemplar Theory is that:
  11. An availability bias is when
  12. ______ is when people think that two events are more likely to occur together than either individual event.
  13. The means-ends analysis is:
  14. What is the difference between practical and theoretical reasoning?
  15. 17. A __________ is when people have to reason syllogisms that could be affected by knowledge and a __________ is when people have to reason syllogisms they do not understand therefore it cannot be affected by knowledge.

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