PSYA02 - Chapter 12

So, you think you know PSYA02 chapter 10? Well give this quiz a shot! I need to fill up one hundred-fifty characters WITHOUT stating that requirement or gibberish

OMG I have to fill up another little box with characters!! I just wanted to make a quiz for this chapter!! Typing these things out turned out longer than the quiz itself!

Created by: Sabrina

  1. Which of the following personality tests is a well-researched clinical questionnaire used to assess personality and psychological problems?
  2. Which of the following is NOT one of the Big Five dimensions of personality?
  3. The _________ approach states that personality is formed by needs, strivings, and desires largely operating outside of awareness – motives that can produce emotional desire.
  4. Which defence mechanism involves attributing one's own threatening feelings, motives, or impulses to another person or group
  5. Which defence mechanism involves supplying a reasonable sounding explanation for unacceptable feelings and behaviour to conceal (mostly from oneself) underlying motives or feelings?
  6. Which defence mechanism involves unconsciously replacing threatening inner wishes and fantasies with an exaggerated version of the opposite?
  7. Which is the defence mechanism in which the ego deals with internal conflicts and perceived threat by reverting to an immature behaviour or earlier stage of development
  8. Which defence mechanism involves shifting unacceptable wishes or drives to a neutral or less threatening alternative
  9. Which defence mechanism helps deal with feelings of threat and anxiety by enabling us unconsciously to take on the characteristics of another person who seems more powerful or better able to cope
  10. Which defence mechanism involves channeling unacceptable sexual or aggressive drives into socially acceptable and culturally enhancing activities
  11. The self-actualizing theory is defined as"the human motive toward realizing our inner potential". This theory belongs to which of the following types of Psychology?
  12. _______ is defined as "a person's tendency to perceive the control of rewards as internal to the self or external in the environment".

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