PSYA02 - Chapter 13

So, you think you know PSYA02 chapter 10? Well give this quiz a shot! I need to fill up one hundred-fifty characters WITHOUT stating that requirement or gibberish

OMG I have to fill up another little box with characters!! I just wanted to make a quiz for this chapter!! Typing these things out turned out longer than the quiz itself!

Created by: Sabrina
  1. Which of the following is NOT a main focus of social psychology?
  2. What is the best teller of aggression?
  3. ______ and _______ are two methods animals use to solve the problem of scarce resources
  4. The prisoner's dilemma essentially shows that
  5. ___________ occurs when immersion in a group causes people to become less concerned with their personal values
  6. _________ is a positive or negative BEHAVIOUR toward another person based on their group membership
  7. __________ is a positive or negative EVALUATION of another person based on their group membership
  8. Reciprocal altruism is ironic because:
  9. The mere exposure effect states that:
  10. __________ is an experience involving affection, trust, and concern for a partner's well-being and __________ is an experience involving feelings of euphoria, intimacy, and intense sexual attraction
  11. The door-in-the-face technique is

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