Chapter 9 Review Quiz

Our world is so diverse, with our physical and mental appearances. But how exactly did this world become so original and widespread of a variety of species? Well, thats what chapter 9 is about!

Have you been studying chapter 9? Do you think you can pass this quiz? are you smarter then a 5th grader? :P well then come on! Lets see what you got! Then maybe you can pass the final!

Created by: Erin

  1. The scientific study of heredity and hereditary variations is ____________.
  2. Gregor Mendel is recognized for being the first person to ________________.
  3. A tool commonly used to determine possible outcomes of a genetic cross:_____________.
  4. Pairs of alleles form from gamete formation; fertilization restores the pairs. This is a summary of what statement? _______________
  5. A __________ can be used to determine an unknown genotype.
  6. The genetic makeup of an organism is known as its ____________, while the physical traits of an organism is called its ___________.
  7. A dominant allele can __________ the phenotype with respect to a particular gene
  8. A recessive allele has _______________ effect on the phenotype.
  9. Specific genes located on a chromosome are called _________.
  10. What is a carrier?
  11. Purebred varieties are the result of ______________.
  12. ________________ states that the inheritance of one characteristic has no effect on the inheritance of another.
  13. When both alleles are expressed in heterozygous individuals, this is referred to as ______________.
  14. A ________________ is the mating of parental varieties differing in two characteristics.
  15. Inbreeding is the mating of ______________.
  16. Another form of genes is ______________.
  17. Parental organisms are called the ________________.
  18. What is the F1 generation?
  19. What follows the F1 generation? And what is it?
  20. What is a monohybrid cross?

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