What is your Management Development IQ?

As you all know, each group is required to develop some type of Learning Activity based on their assigned chapter. Our group chose to help you develop your Management Development Skills through a quiz.

Take your time, have fun and don't worry about your score at the end. Use it as a learning opportunity and as a tool that will help you know what areas of the chapter you should review. Have fun!

Created by: MD Group
  1. Management Development is separate from employee training because:
  2. What is Management Development?
  3. What are the core functions of management?
  4. What are the three managerial roles?
  5. According to Cameron and Tschirhart, how many basic clusters of skills are there?
  6. The ability to manage your own and others' emotions and your relationships with others is known as ...
  7. Skill assessment refers to ...
  8. Three of the five ways to manage conflict are:
  9. Programs designed to help managers develop greater levels of 'life experience' by participating in physically and psychologically demanding tasks and activities is ...
  10. Coaching is ...

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Quiz topic: What is my Management Development IQ?