How adbeast are you?

This quiz tests your knowledge of adbeast's tools. Founded in July 2000, adbeast provides secure digital asset management-based online workspaces and collaboration networks dedicated to the needs of the advertising and marketing communications industry. Made available on a fully outsourced, fully supported, software as a service (SaaS) basis, adbeast allows users from across the industry to better manage and coordinate the development and approval of advertising and marketing materials. adbeast provides not only significant benefits in terms of workflow, cost and timesaving, but also savings in human resources, administration, technology and software infrastructure.

Using adbeast, you can manage advertising creative with all the ease and efficiency that the digital age affords. Present, manage and share creative work anywhere in the world in seconds with an astounding level of digital quality. But its not all about costs and timesaving. Its about collaborating with people around the world and making opportunities across the globe seem like they are across the road.

Created by: Lindsay Hutchison
  1. You can build a reel in the following place(s)
  2. How can someone outside your company upload content to your studio?
  3. How do you send a project room notification?
  4. What is a subroom?
  5. How do you send a reel from your studio?
  6. How do you check if someone has viewed your reel/portfolio?
  7. How do you delete a spot from a reel?
  8. How do you create subfolders in a project?
  9. What is the Reel Library?
  10. Where can you search for reels/portfolios?

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Quiz topic: How adbeast am I?