Which Facebook Marketing Tool Does Your Page Need?

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The Real Estate Agent Directory is the leading Real Estate app located directly on the most popular social media site, Facebook. The Real Estate Agent Directory provides up-to-date marketing tools to set your business apart from the rest!

We offer 5 different marketing products and do have have any contracts, obligations, or start up fees for any. We are here to help free up time through different hands-off marketing strategies, which allows you to work those leads!

Created by: Melissa of Real Estate Agent Directory
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  1. Do you currently have a Facebook business page?
  2. Do you currently post real estate related content to your page at least 4 times a week?
  3. Do you have any incentives for people to engage in your business page?
  4. Do you have a home search directly on your Facebook page that is updated each day & portrays your contact information?
  5. Do you understand Facebook marketing, advertising, or social media in general?
  6. Are you currently launching advertising through Facebook to promote your business, home search, website, listings, open houses, or yourself?
  7. Is your Facebook business page custom branded to yourself & your services? (Example: your website is linked up and you have a graphic designed cover photo)
  8. Do you have real estate services on an external website that is not Facebook?
  9. Do you currently have active listings?
  10. Do you like the idea of promoting your business through social media sites, such as Facebook, as a way to obtain leads?

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Quiz topic: Which Facebook Marketing Tool Does my Page Need?