How Much SEO Do You Know

Think you know SEO? Take our quiz and find out where you fall on the SEO knowledge scale. These questions pertain to the most up-to-date SEO practices so if you're not sure about them or would just like to know more we can help.

Are you a SEO Pro? Do you know everything you need to properly and effectively market your business on the web? Take our quiz and test your knowledge to see what you really know about SEO and Internet Marketing.

Created by: Nikki Patrick of Tampa SEO Training Academy
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  1. If you update your sites URL structure to create new versions of your pages, what should you do with the old URL's?
  2. Which domain extensions are more often associated with greater trust and authority in the search engines?
  3. High quality links to a site's homepage will help to increase the ranking ability of deeper pages on the same domain.
  4. Which HTTP server response code indicates a file that no longer exists?
  5. What is the first thing you should do when starting an internet marketing strategy for your online business?
  6. What is the difference between link popularity and link reputation?
  7. A new domain that has both on-site and off-site optimization with a well planned link building campaign and some pay per-click will have no difficulty ranking for its keywords or phrases?
  8. Viral content creation and promotion is viewed as a legitimate and preferred tactic for obtaining links.
  9. What is the proper format if you want to a page to pass value through its links but not get indexed by the search engines?
  10. Which of these is NOT considered spamming the search engines?

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