RevHD Wheel-End Quiz

The RevHD Wheel-End Training Quiz is a FREE quiz designed to evaluate technicians on their ability to properly diagnose and correct various wheel-end problems as well as effectively install all wheel-end components so that they perform safer and more efficiently.

Whether you are using RevHD components or other products; RevHD believes it is important to practice procedures that will create a safer environment both on the road and in the shop.

Created by: RevHD, LLC of RevHD
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  1. On a conventional hub, with no spacer or crush sleeve, TMC recommends an end play of:
  2. When docking the hub, it is always best to:
  3. Which of these is a leading cause of wheel-end failure?
  4. True or False - You should never use silicone or other sealant on a gasket. The gasket should always be installed dry.
  5. On a single locking nut, the clip should be:
  6. True or False - If the vent hole in the plug of the hubcap is clogged, pressure building up in the hub can blow out the seal causing the seal to leak.
  7. True or False - With a double nut system, on a conventional manually adjusted hub, you need to count the threads-per-inch and utilize the TMC chart under procedure RP-618 to conduct the proper bearing adjustment for the spindle manufacturer you are working with.
  8. When working with a spacer system or unitized hub (or any hub that contains a spacer or crush sleeve) the proper bearing adjustment is always:
  9. True or False - If you have to remove the seal for any reason, it is important that you replace the seal with a new one every time.
  10. When installing a RevHD seal, or any seal that offers the benefit of a wider inner diameter, always make sure you clean further back on the spindle shoulder.
  11. The bolts on any hubcap should be installed:
  12. True or False - Seals that are Not wrapped in plastic can become contaminated with dirt and debris or, depending how long they have been on the shelf, show signs of dry rotting.
  13. True or False - You should never use silicone on a rubber coated seal.
  14. True or False - Most seals require a specific tool designated by the manufacturer for each specific seal.
  15. Locking Nuts should always be replaced if you see:
  16. The recommended end-play on a hub containing a spacer or crush sleeve is:
  17. The final back-off on the RevHD 211 Spindle Nut when installed on a conventional manually adjusted hub is:
  18. True or False - Anytime you replace the bearing you should also always replace the race.
  19. True or False - It is acceptable to remove the seal by striking the inner bearing from inside the hub to punch the seal out.
  20. RevHD One Piece Seals can be installed by:

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