Drivers Quiz ( PRACTISE ) (Alberta, Calgary)

Practice Drivers Quiz! This quiz was designed to help you REFRESH all your forgotten driving skills! Come take this FREE ONLINE QUIZ. It's very simple. At the end like all, your score will be tallied up into a certain percentage that you have earned by answering the correct questions. This is "Highly recommended" For people who are just learning to drive. =) Good Luck!

Are you a good driver? You never know? Come take this FREE ONLINE QUIZ! Near the end your score will be tallied to match your final percentage you earn by answering the correct questions. COME FIND OUT IF YOU'RE A GOOD DRIVER? Do you know what you are doing when you get behind the wheel of your vehicle?

Created by: Justin
  1. A driver is planning on making a turn at the upcoming intersection. The driver should be in the PROPER lane at least how many Meters before the intersection?
  2. Upon entering a intersection marked with a "YIELD" sign, You are required to :
  3. How far away from a stop sign, control signal, or crosswalk are you required to park :
  4. Which of the following is NOT a turn about :
  5. A red " X " over a lane is indicating the driver :
  6. What is the speed limit for a primary highway located outside an urban area.
  7. How many seconds ahead of your car should you maintain a visual search?
  8. According to the criminal code whats the (-BAC-) (Blood alcohol concentration)That a driver EER have while driving. ( this is called ) "DUI"
  9. A light with a steady green arrow pointing either Left or Right means :
  10. Which of the following is NOT a condition for probationary ( class 5 ) drivers, In the Graduated Drivers license program (G.D.L)
  11. To recover from a skid :
  12. How many demerit points will be recorded against your license for failing to remain at the scene of an accident?
  13. A pedestrian using a white cane means that:
  14. Vehicles approaching a steady red traffic light may :
  15. How close the fire hydrant may you legally park?
  16. Before leaving your car parked on a downgrade, you should:
  17. Before moving you car from a parked position, you should :
  18. In good weather conditions you are required to keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you, you should keep at least :

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