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Alberta is one of the western provinces and is positioned between British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Geographically the land varies from mountains to prairie. Fishing, hunting, rodeo, ranches and farms, oil and gas, Chinook winds, large metropolitan cities and small rural towns are all part of this varied area of Canada.

Our Alberta Quizzes

  • How Calgarian Are You?
    [by: CaboWabo, rated: rated: 2.84/5, published: Jan 8, 2007]

    Whether you're new to Calgary or a local born and raised, test your knowledge with this fun quiz.

  • Drivers Quiz ( PRACTISE ) (Alberta, Calgary)
    [by: Justin, rated: rated: 2.25/5, published: Aug 28, 2009]

    Practice Drivers Quiz! This quiz was designed to help you REFRESH all your forgotten driving skills! Come take this FREE ONLINE QUIZ. It's very simple. At the…

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