Behind the Wheel

there are many people on the roads today, but of those people who are the good drivers? who are the drivers that are more susceptible to car accidents? and which ones are just driving aimlessly?

so do you think you have enough common sense to be a good driver? or do you follow the rules and try to just get to wear your going no matter how bad you aggravate the other drivers? well then find out right now!

Created by: ahmed hanafi
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  1. you are approaching an intersection, there is no stop sign you
  2. nice sunny day your driving to best buy the speed limit is 45 you
  3. now its raining outside and your driving home from best buy and the speed limit is 45 you
  4. you are in the left turn lane in the middle of the intersection waiting to turn left and there is one car infront of you and the light turns red you
  5. it is snowing outside and your running late to class and the speed limit is 35 you
  6. when your turning right and see a No Turn on Red when pedestrians are present but you dont see a single pedestrian you
  7. on the expressway your on the far left lane you
  8. you want to turn left onto a side street and there is a median you do what
  9. do you wear your seat belt
  10. do you leave your turn signals on
  11. do you unknowingly hang out at blind spots

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