Trait Approach Self Assessment

This quiz was adapted directly from the student tools and resources located on the open-access Student Study site and covers the entire content of our Chapter 2 readings. Check out the link provided on the back cover of our text book.

Do you have all the traits needed to be a superstar in our leadership class?? it will only take few minutes to see how much you remember about trait theory!

Created by: Latisha Balogh-Robinson of Trait Approach
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  1. The trait approach contends that leader's personality is central to the process of leadership.
  2. A weakness of trait approach is . . .
  3. Over the 60 year span of modern research on leadership traits, the following can be said about the findings . . .
  4. Which one of the following is not one of the 5 major leadership traits that appear across studies?
  5. The tendency to be informed, creative, insightful, and curious is called "intelligence."
  6. Which one of the following is not one of the Big Five personality factors that contribute to human personality?
  7. Emotional Intelligence can be viewed as a set of mental abilities that help us perceive and understand emotion.
  8. The motivation to attain social power is a component of charismatic leadership.
  9. Trait approach works by. . .
  10. A strength of trait approach is that it has been extensively researched.

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