Three Monsters in Greek Mythology

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Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. Many people believe that the Iliad and the Odyssey begin by invoking a Muse (one of the divine daughters of Zeus and the goddess of memory). Who was this Titaness that bore the three times three Muses to the King of the Gods?
  2. The Gorgons, dwell beyond the famous River Oceanus in the most remote quarter night-ward. They are Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa. One of these three sisters is mortal, but they, the other two, were immortal and ageless. The mortal one with the azure-haired god lay in the soft meadow and amid the flowers of spring and as a consequence snakes grew amongst her ebony locks. Who was this poor woman?
  3. When Perseus cut off her head, up sprang huge Chrysaor and the winged-steed Pegasus. Who we talking about here? Who got her hideous mortal head cut off when she was pregnant with Poseidon's twin sons?
  4. Chrysaor, by union with Callirhoe, daughter of famous Oceanus, begat a three-headed son. Who was this mortal monster?
  5. Which Achaean hero was commanded to kill that savage three-headed monster; the Chimaera?
  6. Hesiod speaks of the biggest and youngest of the monsters, whom he calls a "young god". Who was this terrible monster and final assault on Zeus' sovereignty?
  7. Three brothers were known as; "¢ the Oneiroi, which is Greek for "dreams." "¢ Morpheus is the winged god of dreams and can take human form in dreams. "¢ Phobetor is the personification of nightmares and created frightening dreams. Their sire was the twin brother of death and the god of sleep himself. Who is their father?
  8. The Myrmidons were soldiers from Thessalian Phthia. Name a famous pair of Myrmidons who did not soon achieve their return.
  9. After being chased by Achilles around the town of Troy the gods finally tricked Hector into turning to fight. How many times did they run around the city?
  10. Beyond the Iliad Hector's younger brother Paris and the divine archer Apollo, son of Zeus killed what Achaean hero?

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