So, you Think you Know your Greek Mythology?

Many people think that they know myths, when they only know a bit about Heracles, Zeus, Apollo, that stuff, but there are few masters of the art of myths.

So do you think YOU are? This quiz is one of three (Other two coming soon) Greek quizzes, that cover everything, from Olympians, to minor deities, to monsters.

Created by: ThuBioNerd

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  1. Okay, this will be in chronological order: What was the first ever thing/god?
  2. Which Primeval was the earth?
  3. Which Primeval was the sky?
  4. Which Primeval was heaven?
  5. Which Primeval was the sea?
  6. Which Primeval was the dark Underworld?
  7. Which Primeval was the deepest, most horrible part of the Underworld -- The Pit?
  8. This Titan overthrew his father, Uranus, and ate his children -- the gods. His symbol was a Sickle.
  9. This Titan had rams' horns (Yeah, unless you really know your Myths, or you've read Percy Jackson, you are gonna fail >:)).
  10. This Titan was ruler of the SEA.
  11. This Titan ruled the OCEAN.
  12. This creature nursed baby Zeus.
  13. We are NO WHERE near done. (Yeah, yeah, sue me! :P)
  14. Ay-Bee-Sees, huh? Well what did little Greek brats learn?
  15. Zephyrus?
  16. Now time for our Roman section! (Hey, don't freak! You HAVE to know this if you like Greek stuff!) Eros is . . .
  17. Ares is . . .
  18. Hermes is . . .
  19. Apollo is . . .
  20. Do you hate Dolores Umbridge? (This has nothing to do with it, but think carefully about your answer . . . !)
  21. The Muse of dance?
  22. These three IMMORTAL sisters had snakes for hair, and bat wings.
  23. What goes on four legs in the morning, two at noon, and three in the evening?
  24. Which of these heroes' lives did NOT end in tragedy?
  25. The Chimaera (Okay, let's set thing straight: The Chimaera had a lion's body and head, a snake's head tail, and a goat's head on its back, so there!)was defeated by . . .
  26. The Amazons are . . .
  27. Hera's sacred animal gained its eyes from . . .
  28. Zeus had a sister who vowed never to marry. She was the oldest of Cronus' kids.
  29. The largest Greek empire was that of . . .
  30. The Roman version of Hades was . . .

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Quiz topic: So, you Think you Know my Greek Mythology?