Do you know Greek Mythology?

There are people that have read Greek Mythology, and there are people that LOVE Greek Mythology. Greek Myths are pretty self-explanatory, they are myths from Greece!

Do you LOVE Greek mythology? Do you think you know everything about it? If you are like me, then you do. Find out if you are a Greek Mythology Master!

Created by: Spencer
  1. Who is Pan?
  2. Why was Athena voted patron god of Athens, not Poseidon?
  3. What weapon did Hercules use to defeat the Nemean Lion?
  4. Who was Hercules' godly parent?
  5. A satyr is what?
  6. Zeus is to sky, as Poseidon is to ________
  7. What is Hades' symbol of power? (example: Poseidon has trident, Zeus has lightning bolt)
  8. Which got overlooks poetry?
  9. What is the thing that covers magical things so mortals perceive it as something they can understand?
  10. Iris is the goddess of...
  11. Who is Chiron the centaur's father?
  12. Who is the mother of Zeus?
  13. Which one is a son of Zeus and Hera?
  14. Hestia gave up her seat in the council of the gods to...
  15. How many fates are there?
  16. Which is a name of a fury?
  17. Cerebus is...
  18. Neptune is the Roman name for...
  19. What is a caduceus?
  20. Why was Prometheus chained up, and had a eagle tear open is flesh and eat his regenerating liver every day?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Greek Mythology?