How well do you know GREEK MYTHOLOGY?

There are so many greek myths, and even more greek Gods. And then there are the Titans, not to mention Echidna and her spawn, which includes the Chimera.

Do you have what it takes to be a GREEK NUT? If you think so, than you had better take this quiz and find out if you're right or not. Good luck trying to remember everything!

Created by: warrior
  1. What is the King of the Titans?
  2. Was Zeus King of the Gods?
  3. What is the relationship between Demeter and Persephone?
  4. Who was Poseidon's wife?
  5. Who was Ares?
  6. Who was Hera's husband?
  7. Who is Aphrodite?
  8. How many heads does Janus have?
  9. Complete the phrase: Achilles
  10. Who made the Labyrinth?
  11. How many Pomegranate seeds did Persephone eat?
  12. What is Zeus's symbol of power?
  13. What is Poseidon's symbol of power?
  14. Who is the mother of all monsters?
  15. How many heads does the Hydra have?
  16. What hero killed Medusa?
  17. Who is the God of Sleep?
  18. What are Satyrs mixed with?
  19. Who led Persephone out of the Underworld?
  20. What guy in Greek Mythology got turned into a flower?
  21. What did the Niad's tears turn into?
  22. Who let the evils of the world out of the jar/box?
  23. Who was Pandora's guardian?
  24. What got trapped in the Jar/Box?
  25. Where do the Gods live?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know GREEK MYTHOLOGY?