Ancient Greek Mythology Quiz

Do you like Greek Mythology? Would you like to test your knowledge of the gods, heroes and relationships? This quiz can help you do that with just 10 questions!

I hope you get the score you want. If not, read some of the myths and retake this quiz when you are ready. Have a good time on this quiz, and you are as beautiful/handsome as a Greek God :)

Created by: RLD

  1. Who was the leader of the Greek gods?
  2. What two gods were twin brother and sister?
  3. Who were the Titans?
  4. Which of the descriptions below best describes the goddess Aphrodite?
  5. What powerful god lived in the Underworld rather than on Mount Olympus?
  6. What Greek hero from Homer's epic poem the Iliad, was invulnerable except for his heel?
  7. Which description below best describes the god Poseidon?
  8. What Greek hero was a son of Zeus and was required to perform many labors for the gods?
  9. What married brother and sister were king and queen of the Olympian gods?
  10. Who was the patron god of wine, theater and art?

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