Which Olympian god are you descended from?

I have an obsession with Greek mythology and an interest in whose godly parent would be who. The reason I say 'you are descended from...' is because you might know through DNA testing that your parents are your parents, it might by your grandparents or other relatives that were Olympian gods.This quiz is made especially for Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus fans, I highly recommend reading those, they're by Rick Riordan (library reference).

I left out Hera and Artemis because they are both sworn maiden goddesses and Demeter because I was going to do her but ran out of slots and couldn't decide who to get rid of: sorry, O Demeter of Agriculture.

Created by: Johnny
  1. You go to the library. What book do you borrow?
  2. Somebody has raided your locker at school/work. What do you do?
  3. Your test results came out. You got...
  4. What do you do/where do you go on the summer holidays?
  5. Your favourite subject at school is...
  6. Pick the one that describes you best:
  7. Which element attracts you most?
  8. Which animal represents you the best?
  9. What is the trait that will get you killed?
  10. What is your greatest fear?NB: If your top fear isn't here, select one thing you are afraid of, or dislike the idea of.

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Quiz topic: Which Olympian god am I descended from?