Which Greek god or goddess is your parent?

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The Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan featuring the teenaged son of Poseidon has caused people to wonder if they were demigods, which Greek god or goddess is their parents.

Have you have every wondered which God or goddess is your parent, then this is the quiz for you. This quiz will determine who your parent is. Good luck.

Created by: Archer
  1. Do you like writing songs or poetry?
  2. Who usually starts fights?
  3. Do you usually volunteer to go on quests?
  4. What is your weapon?
  5. Are you skilled with a bow?
  6. How good are you at strategy?
  7. Which is your favorite camp activity?
  8. Which camp activity do you like the most?
  9. Which cabin would you ally with for capture the flag?
  10. Monsters are attacking the camp! Where are you?
  11. Monster attack part 2

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Quiz topic: Which Greek god or goddess is my parent?