Your Olympian Parent

This is my first quiz, and I really did my best to make it enjoyable. If you are a fan of Rick Riordan than take the quiz, to find out your olympian parent!!!

Now, this quiz has been especially made for the fans of the Percy Jackson series by rick riordan. In this quiz, you'll be able to find out which greek god/goddess might be your parent. So start now...!!

Created by: Claire Thompson
  1. Me: Hi! Ok so my first question is.... Leo:Who is your favourite character from heroes of olympus?
  2. Me:Ok! next question.... Annabeth: I've got one! Me: Go on then! Annabeth: What is ur ideal weapon?
  3. Me: my turn. What is..... Percy: Your ideal place for relaxation? Me:PERCY!!! Percy: What? Me: *gives him a death stare*
  4. Me:Plz, let me ask! Jason:but what about me? Me:THAT'S IT!*storms out of the room* Jason: that means I ask? Leo:Uh..HUh! Jason:OK... Hazel:Who is the god/goddess u dislike the most? Jason:Hazel?
  5. Percy:Ok, bye! Jason: Will you plz comment on this?
  6. Piper:*giggles* no, it's not bye! Nico:Describe urself in two words:
  7. Frank:Who is ur favourie goddess/god?
  8. Clarisse: What is your favourite band?
  9. Horrid Henry: What is your favourite prank? Jason: Hey! where did u come from? Henry: Shut up! Percy: Manners, my boy!
  10. Me:Ok! last question... Percy: Fine then, u ask! Me: Really! But I don't have a question! Percy:..........

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Quiz topic: My Olympian Parent