Who Is Your Olympian Parent?

With the release of the movie The Lightning Thief coming up I thought I would make a quiz to see who your Olympian parent would be if you were í¥ half blood.

This is based on facts from the popular series by Rick Riordan I also did some research online myself. The gods and goddesses are all very cool so all the results are good. Have fun!

Created by: Abbie
  1. What would You rather do..
  2. Favorite Color?
  3. Who is your favorite god?
  4. Goddess?
  5. People Describe you as a...
  6. Which job sounds most appealing just choose the best one?
  7. What attracts you to a guy/girl?
  8. Which Symbol do you think is coolest?
  9. You feel more relaxed...
  10. Are you ready to find out who your Olympian parent is?

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Quiz topic: Who Is my Olympian Parent?