How Well-behaved is Your Three-year-old?

Being a parent takes alot of work and patience, especially for the parent of a three-year-old. Take this quiz to find out how you're doing with your child in this trying phase.

I really did try to put some humor into this. So, if all the worst possible answers seem like a reality in your home, GET HELP! This is my first real attempt at writing a quiz, so be sure to rate it and maybe cut me some slack!

Created by: Michelle Ballard
  1. You awake in the morning to:
  2. After breakfast, how do you clean up the kitchen?
  3. When he/she sees your child coming his way, your pet:
  4. You suddenly feel something wet on your foot.
  5. You think you smell something burning.
  6. When you watch Supernanny on TV you:
  7. Your child is:
  8. Your child thinks you are:
  9. When you ask your child to sit and do something quietly, he/she:
  10. Your child's most notable skill is:
  11. Your child's favorite outdoor activity is:
  12. What's the last thing you usually do with your three-year-old before he/she goes to sleep at night?

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Quiz topic: How Well-behaved is my Three-year-old?