Is your dog well-behaved?

Everybody wants to have a good dog. However, many people do not know how to train their dog properly and end up with an out-of-control dog. The most common reason dogs end up in shelters is that their owners never took the time to train them and can no longer deal with their behavior.

Is your dog well-behaved or out-of-control? Is he a pleasure to be around or an annoyance in your life? Take this short quiz to find out! The quiz will help you to identify trouble areas and can help you to decide if you and your dog could benefit from training.

Created by: Caiti of Caiti's Dog Training
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  1. When somebody knocks on your door, your dog
  2. The mailman
  3. How long can your dog hold a sit-stay?
  4. How many tricks can your dog perform on cue?
  5. When you call your dog to you, how often will she come?
  6. Does your dog pull on the leash?
  7. When your dog sees another dog, she
  8. If you leave a plate of food within reach of your dog
  9. How often does your dog go to the bathroom in the house?
  10. Does your dog "ask" you for a treat by whining or barking at you?

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Quiz topic: Is my dog well-behaved?