Far Away: Part One ~*~ By Zane ~*~

I'm so very sorry that this was so short. I promise as the story goes on, it will get longer. I wasent thinking and I will promise that in the middle it will be much longer. Please leave comments.

I'm so very sorry that this was so short. I promise as the story goes on, it will get longer. I wasent thinking and I will promise that in the middle it will be much longer. Please leave comments.

Created by: Zane Is Here

  1. Hey everyone. So I have been convinced to do the series that I have always wanted to do. I'm going to try to do it from a girl's point of view, which is kinda difficult to me. Thanks guys. Please leave feedback. ~Zane
  2. "Go ahead and get in the car. Run Ally, and know that I love you." Those were the last words I heard from my mother. I peeked out the door and looked at the white car in the driveway. "Ally tell-" She didn't finish her sentence. I heard a scream of pain. I ran out the door to the car. I yanked the passenger door open and slammed it back. I locked the door. "Go Jillian, they have mom just go!" I yelled. Jillian, my 18 year old sister, turned the car on quickly and drove out of he driveway as fast as she could. I heard my little brother Zachary crying in the backseat. "Dont cry Zack, everything will be alright." I said. "Do you want me to sit back there with you?" I heard a muffled 'Yes.' I climbed to the backseat, almost falling because of how fast the car was going. No police would stop us. Most of them were probably dead. "Is mommy d-dead?" A shaking Zack said. Zack was 6, and somehow knew what was happening. "Maybe Zack, just maybe but there's still hope..." I said. I was lying. I knew there was no hope. Everyone did. Even poor little Monika, the one year old sitting in her car seat. "Can we go by Aria's house?" I said. "I know she's not dead." I said quickly. I really didn't know if she was or not. But Aria was strong, and I had faith that the darkness hasent got her.
  3. "I guess, " Jillian said. "But after that it's straight to California, away from all of this." I nodded quickly. We drove fast to Aria's house. The lights were all off. Jillian honked the horn. I saw Aria run out of the house. I heard her scream to her mother and both of them ran down the driveway. Aria had a scar across her tan face, her brown hair barley covering her blue eyes. Her mothers was fine, her blonde hair in place and her green eyes perfect. Jillian quickly pulled her brown hair into a ponytail as the ran up. Aria's mother, Mrs. Anderson, got in the front. Aria jumped into the back. "Your safe!" She gasped as Jillian drove away from the house. "I thought you were dead!" We hugged each other. "Where's Mr.Anderson?" I asked. "He's with the Johnston Family." Mrs. Anderson said. "He was at work and now he's going to California with them." I nodded. The Johnston Family was a young couple. Mrs. Johnston is pregnant with her first baby.
  4. I stared out the window while Jillian drove. There were people on the street, walking slowly and looking around. You could tell these people had been infected by the darkness. Maybe I should tell you more about the darkness. Two days ago, my dad started acting strange. All over the news, there was more and more killings. My dad killed our uncle. That's when they said a era was coming through. A disease, that makes people want to kill others, and wont stop until everyone is dead. The only place where there is not darkness is California. They have gaurds everywhere, and anyone with the disease would be killed. When you enter California, you have to go through this scanner that tests whether you have the disease or if you dont. If you did, then you would be killed in less than a second. So that's the darkness.
  5. Jillian was driving faster and faster by the minute. Zack was still crying, and Monika was sound asleep. Mrs. Anderson said she was going to take a nap too. Zack fell asleep soon, too. I looked at my watch. 10:45. "When are we going to be in California?" I asking impatiently. "I don't know." snapped Jillian. I sighed and layed my head down.
  6. "Wake up!" I heard some hiss. "Wake the hell up!" I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I sat up slowly. Moonlight was shining into the car. "It's not morning yet..." I mumbled. Jillian was shaking me. "I don't care! There here! They darkness!" I sat up and looked. Out the window, people were walking slowly toward us. I heard the sound of shattering glass. I screamed. "Get out of the car!" Aria opened the door quickly and everyone got out. "Follow me!" Jillian yelled. Jillian took off running. We all ran as fast as we could. Mrs. Anderson was holding Monika. I had Zack in my arms, and he was crying. I ran as fast as I could. Everyone ran after Jillian. Jillian ran into some building. It was huge. When we all got inside, and shut the door and locked it. We all ran and locked all the windows. We pushed stuff aginst the doors. After that was all done, we found a small candle. Mrs. Anderson took out a lighter and slowly lit the candle. I set Zack down and told him to be quiet.
  7. I looked around. The walls were white and the tile floor shone. I saw stairs. "Should we go upstairs?" I asked softly. "Not until daytime.." My sister said. I nodded. "You guys go to sleep. I'll keep watch." she added.
  8. I'm sorry it's so short.
  9. I'm bad at starting stories.
  10. Please comment! Bye.

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