Absorbers (part 5)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. So, this part was actually getting longer and longer as I kept writing it because I couldn't find a good place to stop, so I kind of just stopped it at a random place. Sorry about that. But thank you for reading, and please tell me what you thought :). Thanks. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! lindseyt: yeah, it's difficult to explain, but long story short: I had to finish up school this summer due to moving. Thank you for loving it :). SilverNote13: well, get ready to freak out again, because this part is up!!

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Kelly: I landed on the roof of my building, and stayed up there to examine what kind of marks I had on my body. A large bruise was forming on my thigh, but other than that, I looked fine. I walked over and opened the metal door to get inside my apartment building, and limped down the stairs to my apartment. I automatically reached for my bag that I quickly realized was back at the Sun Dragon. I groaned internally and then started walking down the stairs again. When I reached the restaurant, I saw that we had no customers. "Where did you run off to?" Katie asked as soon as I stepped inside. "I had to go do something." I bluntly said, and then walked to the back to get my stuff from my locker. "I had to cover your shift." Katie said. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." I ignored her comment and walked out of the restaurant.
  2. * * * * * * * * * * "So, are you gonna tell us what happened yesterday?" Katie asked as soon as I walked inside the Sun Dragon. "Nope." I replied and switched the "closed" sign to "open". "Oh, come on, May." Amanda complained. "There are no secrets allowed between co-workers." "You don't want to know this secret." I told her as I walked pass them to put my stuff in my locker. Walking back to the counter, I saw Katie and Amanda whispering to each other in excited voices. They only did that when they saw a cute boy. "Already? This early in the morning?" I said, standing next to them and crossing my arms. "I call dibs on the blonde." Amanda quickly said. "Unless if that girl is his girlfriend." Katie pointed out. "Well then I call dibs on the other guy." Amanda said. "But what if it's a three-way-," Katie started. "Where are they?" I cut her off before she could go any further. "They're outside." Amanda told me. We recently put tables and chairs outside, so customers could choose to eat out there if they wanted. I walked to the side of the wall and peered around the corner, looking out the large window. To my surprise, I saw Kaylee, Jason, Skye, and Savannah sitting at the table. Kaylee and Jason were fiddling with each other's hand.
  3. "So, who do you think that girl is with?" Amanda asked, making me jump. "Jeez! Don't sneak up on me like that." I said, whipping myself around to face her, and she apologized. "But who do you think is the one available?" She asked, and then realized that Savannah was also there. "Oh shoot! I didn't even see her. Do you think this is some sort of breakfast double-date thing?" "No I do not think that. I think the blonde is the one that doesn't have a girlfriend." I answered and she pumped her fist. "Yes!" She hissed and I laughed. "Come on. Let's do rock, paper, scissors to see who gets them." Katie said, and after doing that, Katie won.... Again. "I think you cheat." I said, and she shrugged. "Can I please have that table?" Amanda begged. "No. May gets it." She smiled sweetly. "But I don't want it. Amanda can have it." I protested. "Too bad. Those are the rules." Katie said and then glared at me when I opened my mouth to protest again. "Fine." I grumbled. "Can you get his number for me?" Amanda asked. "Sure, but I have a feeling that you should stay away from him." I told her and then grabbed my sunglasses from my locker before walking outside. "Hello, I'm May, I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with something to drink?" I asked in a British accent, disguising myself as best as I could. "We'll all take water." Kaylee replied. "Also, do you know anyone named Kelly Night?" Jason asked me. "Kelly Night? Isn't that the girl who's been missing for a year?" I asked, trying to sound confused. "Yeah, that's her." Jason said. "No, I'm sorry. I've never seen her." I turned my attention to Kaylee. "You look like that girl that went missing a year ago with Kelly Night. What's your name?" "Uh.... It's Cassie." Kaylee replied and I saw her foot starting to shake, which meant that she was nervous. "My friend wants your number." I said to Skye, and I gave him a piece of paper and a pen. "Then why doesn't your friend ask for it?" He asked. "She's very shy." I explained and he smirked before writing down his number. "I'll get your drinks for you." I said and then walked back inside.
  4. "Well...." Amanda followed me to the kitchen. "Well what?" I asked. "Did they say anything?" She asked. "They said that they wanted water, if that's what you mean." I said and started filling up the glasses. "Not what I was going for, but at least I know that he likes water." Amanda said. "Well, I sure hope he does because he would die without it." I pointed out, and then walked away with the glasses. "Oh, and here's his number." I gave her the paper before walking outside. "-she's here, and that waitress knows it. Maybe that's why my father saw her in his dream." I heard Skye whisper as I opened up the door. "Here you are." I smiled, still in my British accent. I placed the water in front of them. "Where's your bathroom?" Kaylee asked me. "Inside and go left through the door. The bathroom is the second door on the left." I replied and she walked inside. "Ready to order?" I asked, turning my attention to Jason, Skye, and Savannah. "No, but are you sure that you don't know a Kelly?" Skye asked me. "I'm sure." I rudely said to him, restraining myself from hitting him for being a Shade. "Look at me." Jason said, using his ability, which made my head turn towards him. "Tell me where Kelly is." He demanded. "Stop looking for her." I forced myself to say-in the accent too, which was difficult-instead of telling them who I really was. "So, she is alive?" Jason asked, and I could feel his hold on my mind tightening. "Stop it." I demanded, and he let me go. "Why did you let her go?" Savannah asked. "I don't know. It just happened." Jason replied and I quickly walked back inside. "Wait!" Skye said, and I heard them get up and follow me.
  5. Speeding around the corner, I slammed straight into someone, causing us both to fall to the ground, and making my head hit the ground, which made me a little dizzy. "You alright, Kaylee?" I heard Jason ask. "Yeah, I'm fine." Kaylee's voice was right next to me. "Nice going, May." I heard Katie sarcastically say from behind the counter. "Shut up, Katie." I said as I got up. "You're not British anymore." Jason pointed out. "You talked in an accent? Why didn't I think of that? That sounds like a lot of fun." Amanda said. "Not the best time, Amanda." I told her. "If you just tell us where Kelly is, then we will be on our way, and leave you alone." Skye promised. "Fine. About a month ago, she was here. She was saying something about having to get away, and that someone was after her. Of course I didn't take her seriously because she didn't look well and she wasn't wearing any shoes. And then she left after eating." I said to them, and they seemed to believe it. "That didn't happen." Amanda said. "Amanda! Would you please shut up?" I yelled at her. "Stop lying." Jason said and I could feel him using his ability again. "Stop doing that." I told him, and he stopped. "How are you able to break free? No one can do that." Jason said, and I shrugged. "Just tell the truth, May, or I'll get it out of you." Skye threatened. "No!" Kaylee yelled. "We agreed that we wouldn't hurt her, Skye." "Why are you working with Shades anyways?" I asked Jason and Kaylee. "We all have a thing in common: we want to find Kelly. And we figured that it'll go quicker if we work together. Besides, they're better than the others." Kaylee explained. "Now tell us where she is." Jason said. "I can't." I said. "Why not?" Skye asked. "Because I don't know where she went," I answered, "she's gone!"
  6. Skye stepped forward until he was standing right in front of me. His gaze was intense, but I didn't back away, and he leaned in and whispered in my ear. "We'll be back with a Lie Detector. If we find out that you have been lying, I will torture you and have you begging for me to kill you, so I suggest that you don't lie." Skye threatened and started walking towards the door, followed by Jason and Kaylee. "Wait," Savannah said, which made them stop walking. "Why don't we just bring her with us? It'll be quicker." "Sure. Let's do that." Skye said after thinking about it for a while. "Well, come on then." Savannah smiled and I reluctantly started walking towards the door. "You're making a big mistake." I told them when we were all outside. "Oh? And why's that?" Skye asked as we started walking down the road. "Because you're gonna get hurt." I told them and we turned down an ally. "Ha really? If you know what we are then you know what we can do. And if you know what we can do then you know that that is very unlikely, unless if you're one of us." Savannah told me. "And you're not one of us, are you?" Kaylee asked. "No. I'm nothing like you." I told them and then quickly spun around on my right foot, hitting Savannah in the head with my left. She fell to the ground, but didn't pass out. Before they could rush at me, I grabbed a large dumpster, and pushed it across the ally floor, pinning Jason and Kaylee to the back fence. Skye jumped over it before it could run into him. "Do you mind explaining how you moved that?" Skye pointed to the dumpster. "I'm stronger than I look." I said. "And why are you still wearing sunglasses?" He asked. "I have my reasons." I said. "Care to explain?" He asked, and then I realized that he was trying to distract me, probably because Savannah was about to hit me or something. I quickly turned around and she grabbed my wrist. She started changing into me, but screamed and dropped my wrist half-way. "What's wrong with your genes?" She yelled as she fell to the floor. "Nothing. I thought they looked fine. They're not too tight or too big." I innocently said.
  7. "Not those jeans! What's wrong with your genetic make-up?" She asked. "How should I know?" I said and then Savannah stopped trying to change into me. Before she could get up, I punched her head, which made it hit the ground, causing her to pass out. "So, your ability is that you're strong?" Skye said, and I turned around to face him, only to realize that he was standing a couple inches away from me. "I suggest you get out of here." I said, ignoring his question. "And why's that?" He asked and I shoved him away from me, using my strength ability, which caused him to move back a good ten feet. "That's why." I replied. "Strength can only get you so far. " Skye said. "I think it would be best for everyone if you left." I told them and Skye clicked his tongue. "We're not leaving here without you." He said, and my anger began to build. "Yes you are." I said. "Really? What are you going to do about it? You have to get close to us to use your ability." He sneered. "No I don't." I smiled as I began to feel the electricity building in my hands. "Well, you can't punch me from there." He pointed out. "Has it ever occurred to you that I don't need to punch you?" I asked and then flung out my right hand, making an electric ball fly towards him. He quickly moved to the side and the electricity hit the brick wall behind him. I smiled when I noticed the shocked (no pun intended) look on his face. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Jason and Kaylee were finally able to free themselves from the dumpster, and they walked over to where Skye was standing.
  8. "There's no way that you can take on all of us at the same time, so don't be stupid, and just come with us." Kaylee told me. "No." I said, more harshly than I meant to. "Then you leave me with no choice." She said and then I saw shadows starting to swirl around at my feet. I quickly put the electricity in my hands towards the ground, hoping that it would make the shadows stop. To my surprise: it did. "How are you able to block other people's powers?" Jason asked. "I don't know." I confessed, gathering more electricity in my hands in case any of them tried to charge me. "This would've been a lot easier if you just told us where Kelly is." Kaylee told me, taking a step forward. I know what she was doing. She was trying to make herself intimidating. She does this whenever she's scared. "I don't know where she is." I took a step towards her, and I was right. She stepped back. "We're taking you back to the Shade's headquarters whether it's the last thing that we do." Skye told me, and something inside of me clicked. All of my emotions seemed to rise up from the depths of my soul, but there was mostly anger. I was mad at him for becoming a Shade, and for leaving everyone behind, and because of what he just said. He said it like it was now his home, and he'd been there all along. Needless to say, I was pretty ticked, and I was pretty sure this wasn't going to end well.
  9. And this is where I shall end it.
  10. Thank you all so much for reading :). As always: make sure you tell me what you thought because your feedback is very important to me. Thanks and bye. ~Meg.

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