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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. **READ ME** okay, so if you haven't read Premonitions yet, then you will be confused, seeing as this is the second story. Premonitions only has 20 chapters/parts, and it will probably be confusing, but just keep on reading because I plan on making this one a whole lot better with a lot of twists, so I hope you don't fall off this rollercoaster. Thanks for reading, and please tell me what you thought. ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack. I would like to thank SoccerTomboy13 for commenting on pretty much every chapter: it means a lot to me, so thank you very much :). ~Meg.

Created by: DaughterOfApollo

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  1. Kelly: Gasping for air, I tried to sit up, but something was in the way. It was pitch black, so I couldn't see a thing. I used my hands to feel what was blocking my way, and I realized that I was in a coffin. Panicking, I pressed my hands up to the top of the coffin, and felt adrenaline run through my body. Before I knew it, the top shot up, which made some dirt sprinkle on my head. I coughed and squinted my eyes, trying to shield myself from the light of the sun. I sat up, and tried to stand up, but my legs were still too weak. After sitting there for a while, waiting for my body to adjust to the stiffness, I managed to climb out of the hole, only to find a family of four staring at me with shocked faces. They looked like they were in the middle of a family fun adventure of hiking. "Water." My voice was raspy and I pointed to one of the water bottles I saw. The dad came over and handed it to me. I chugged it all, and instantly felt a lot better. "Thank you." I said. He just stared at me, probably still too shocked. "What year is it?" I asked. "2013." He replied. Last time I checked it was 2012. "And the month and day?" I said. "November 8th." He answered. Exactly a year from when I died. "Thanks." I stood up. "How did you make the top of the coffin fly up in the sky?" The little boy asked me. "It's a secret." I replied and then started walking towards a bunch of trees.
  2. My bare feet scratched against the dried leaves, and my red dress was being ripped by the branches, but it didn't slow me down, and I soon reached a dirt road. Not far from there, it looked like there was a gas station and a small store. I walked towards it and tried to open the store's doors, but they were locked. I put my hand over the lock and closed my eyes, envisioning the inner parts of the lock moving, until they clicked, and it was open. I stepped inside and went towards the snack section, and started opening up and eating anything I could find. When I was full, I walked around the store until I found a knife, some products to bleach my hair, a bucket, and plastic wrap. I went to the bathroom, and faced the mirror. My long black hair now reached my waist, the red streak in my hair was still barely there. I pulled it all up, and started cutting it with the knife. When I was done, it looked surprisingly even. It was choppy, and it flared out. I put the bleach powder, cream developer (volume 40), and the red gold corrector into the bucket. I mixed it around using a spoon, and when that was finished, I started putting it on my hair-using the tint brush. I wrapped my hair in the plastic wrap, and kept it there until it was a yellow color.
  3. I washed my hair out from under the sink, and then shampooed it. I rinsed it out and then held my hand over my head. I made air flow out of it, and it began to dry my hair. When it was dry, I went out and grabbed another bucket. I mixed one part toner and two parts developer in the bucket, and then added the red gold corrector. Then, I put the toner mixture on my hair-using a different tint brush-and let it sit there for thirty minutes. I washed it out and shampooed it again, and then used conditioner. I dried it again, and then looked in the mirror. My hair was now platinum blonde, and I had just begun my undercover look. I can't remember why I shouldn't go back to the house, but I knew that it had something to do what happened to me in the Afterlife. I washed my hands to make sure that there weren't any chemicals on it, and then left the station with a plastic bag full of food and water bottles.
  4. I don't know why I hear people say that hitchhiking is hard, I found it fairly easy. Then again, I was wearing a strapless dress that showed my legs and a little bit of cleavage, so that was probably the reason why the first car pulled over. "You going to a prom?" The guy in the car asked me when I hopped in. He looked like he was nineteen. "Sadly, no. Just drop me off at the next town." I said and he started driving. "Where ya from?" He asked after a moment of awkward silence. "Virginia." I replied and then he whistled. "That's a long way away from Florida. You running away, or something?" He asked. "Not running away. It's more like I was brought here, but I'm not trying to go back to where I came from." I confessed. "Why not?" He asked. "There's nothing to go back to. Nobody is there. All of my family is dead." I replied. "Sorry to hear about that." He placed a hand on my thigh, sending shivers up my spine.
  5. "Hey, you got any money?" I asked, trying to change the topic. "Maybe. But you'll have to pay." He said. "It'll take money to get money?" I asked, confused. "Not that kind of pay, darling." He smirked, and then I realized that he hadn't taken his hand off of my thigh. "Um, you can let me out right here." I nervously told him. "No can do. If you want that money, you're gonna have to earn it." He said and then pulled over and locked the doors. I unbuckled myself, and unlocked my door. Before I could get out though, he grabbed my arm, and pulled me to the backseat. I fell to the ground, hitting my head against the floor, dazing myself. I felt the front seats moving back, and I soon became wedged into the seats, unable to move. "Let me go!" I yelled when I couldn't move my arms to defend myself. "Sh, don't worry. We'll both get what we want, and you'll be on your way with all of the money I have." He said and then climbed to the back seat.
  6. I closed my eyes and concentrated hard on making electricity appear. I felt sparks appear as he started to lay on top of me. I got enough charge to blast him off of me. "What was that?" He yelled. "Let me go." I said again, opening my eyes. When he refused, I felt my body beginning to heat up, and then the car exploded. Pieces scattered everywhere, and some of them were on fire. I stood up and walked over to the guy. "Crazy whore. Here. Take it." He handed me his wallet and I saw that there was at least two hundred dollars in it. "You know, you really shouldn't keep that much money in your wallet." I said and then walked away. About thirty minutes later, I reached a city, and went into the nearest clothing store, which happened to be having a sale. I walked around and grabbed short jean shorts, undergarments, grey converse, socks, a grey scarf, a loose red shirt, and black sunglasses. It came out to a total of forty dollars. I walked out back to the ally, and changed behind a dumpster. I put the wallet and dress in the bag, and put the scarf up to the middle of my head, and let it flow in the wind. I walked around the city until I reached an apartment complex. I walked inside and convinced the guy behind the counter to give me an apartment.
  7. I walked up to the stairs to the fifth floor. As I turned the corner, I ran into someone, knocking them down. "Oh gosh. I'm so sorry." I apologized as I helped her up. She had long brown hair and green eyes. She looked like she was eighteen. "No, it's okay. I should've been looking where I was going. I'm Amanda." She stuck out her hand. "I'm May." I lied and then shook her outstretched hand. "You just get here?" She asked. "Uh, yeah. I'm looking for a job too." I said. "Really? Because the restaurant where I work at has been looking for someone to hire for about a month." Amanda told me. "Do you think you could help me out?" I asked. "Sure." She smiled. "I'm heading over there right now." I opened up my apartment door and threw the bag on the floor before locking the door again. "I like your hair." Amanda said as we started walking back down the stairs. "Thanks. It use to be black." I confessed. "Wanted to go for a blonde look? I get it. I've been there. It looks much better on you than it did on me." She smiled. "Thanks." I said and we reached the bottom floor.
  8. I tuned out Amanda and tried to focus my senses all around me, making sure that there was nothing here to get me. "Don't you think that's so sad?" Amanda asked and I turned to face her, only to see that she stopped walking a couple steps ago. "What?" I asked. "This." She pointed to a tv that she was staring at. "-It has been a year since friends Kaylee Moore and Kelly Night went missing from their hometown in Scottsville Virginia. Officers think that they are dead, and are now looking for the remains." A picture of Kaylee and I showed up on the screen. "If you have any information, please contact us." A number appeared at the bottom of the screen. "I really hope they find them." Amanda said and then we started walking again. She led me to a local restaurant called Sun Dragon. "Hey, Amanda." A girl with long wavy blonde hair and blue eyes said from the back. "Hey, Katie." Amanda replied and then we walked to the back. We entered the kitchen, and then out the back door, which led us to a small office. "Mr. Garcia?" Amanda knocked and then opened the door. "What is it?" A deep voice asked. "I found someone who would like to take the job. Her name's May." She replied and then I stepped into the room. "Hi." I said. "Good. Sit down, please." He motioned to an empty chair, and I sat in it. "We need employees around here. We've been getting busier lately, and it's just me, Amanda, Katie, and the cooks. Do you have any experience in being a waitress?" He asked me. "No, but I'm a fast learner." I replied. "Then welcome aboard." He stood up and shook my hand. "When can you start?"
  9. "Uh, now I guess." I answered. "Excellent!" He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out some clothes. "There's a bathroom across the hall, and a locker in the room next to it." I said thank you, and walked to the bathroom to go change. The uniform was a black shirt with golden letters on it that read "Sun Dragon", and yellow shorts. I put my clothes in an empty locker, and then walked back up front. "Over here, May." The girl-Katie-called to me. "I got a job for you." She said. "Okay, what is it?" I asked. "You see those hibiscus trees?" She pointed to the trees that were around the restaurant. "They need to be taken outside in the back, so we can exchange them for different plants." She explained. "Do you think I can carry all of those back there?" I asked. "You can try. And trust me when I say this: it's a lot more better than waiting tables." Katie smiled and then walked over to two people sitting down. I walked up front to one of the trees. I concentrated hard and then bent down, grabbing into the tree, and lifting it with ease. I walked out back and placed it on the sidewalk. I did this five more times, and then a truck came and exchanged the trees for some type of fern. I then carried the ferns back to where the trees were, and then willed the adrenaline to stop pumping through me. 'I could get use to this.' I thought.
  10. And yes, I am leavin it there :P. it feels awesome to be writing again, so I would love it if you guys tell me what you thought, and please comment on any questions that you have. Thanks for reading, bye. ~Meg.

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