Premonitions (part 1)

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Created by: DaughterOfApollo

  1. "Remind me again why we're here." My best friend, Kelly, said. I sighed, "I already told you. I had a dream that a guy was walking down fourth street, and a car came and hit him." "And you think it'll happen?" Kelly asked doubtfully, raising an eyebrow at me. "They've come true before. You, more than anyone, should know that. Yours have come true too." I shrugged. These dreams happen a lot. Both Kelly and I have had experiences with them. They started when we were both six. Ten years later, we're still having them. We don't know why these things happen to us. All we know is that we get them for a reason, we just need to figure out the reason. "Yeah, but, we shouldn't try to stop them, Kaylee. That's messing up the balance of the world and the future." Kelly persisted. She had long black hair with a streak of red in them and hazel eyes. She was wearing skinny jeans, white boots, and a white flowing top. "I don't care. Maybe I was given that dream so I could stop it from happening. Now, come on, it's almost midnight." I told her and then took off running down the street to get to fourth street. Kelly was right on my heels the whole time, and when we turned on fourth street, I saw the guy walking on the sidewalk. "Now what do we do?" Kelly asked, out of breath. "I'll show you." I said. "Hey!" I shouted at the guy and made him turn around.
  2. Just then, the car started coming down the street. "What?" He shouted back and I took off running towards him. "Get out of the way! That car's going to hit you!" I yelled and he turned his head and jumped out of the way of the car before it hit him. That didn't stop the car though. It kept on speeding down the street with its two right tires on the sidewalk. "Move, Kaylee." Kelly said and then pulled me out of the way before the car got to us. "Thanks." I huffed. "You looked like a deer in headlights." Kelly commented. We watched the car go down to the end of the street and watched it turn around again. "How did you know that I would be here?" The guy's voice said behind us and made me jump.
  3. "We didn't." I told him. "Uh, guys. We need to get away from this house unless if we all wanna be dead." Kelly urgently said and we ran to the next four house to be safe and then hid in their bushes. I saw the car's headlights slowly drive down the road. "Why did you tell us to move?" I whispered to Kelly. The guy was in-between us. "Okay, so I had one too." Kelly confessed. "I thought you didn't want to change the future." I whispered. "I didn't. You did. This guy was suppose to get hit by that car and the car was then about to hit us by that house." Kelly whispered back. "You still changed it because then we were suppose to die if you saw us get hit." I said. The guy's head was moving back and forth between us.
  4. "But mine wouldn't have come true if you ignored yours and let this guy die. Now the whole balance of the world is messed up." Kelly whispered angrily. "We'll discuss this when we get back home." I declared and then stared through the bushes. The car was no where to be found. "I think it's safe to go out now." The guy said and slowly stood up. Both Kelly and I grabbed his arms and pulled him back down. "Wait for the shots." We both said. Five minutes later, the car came back down the street and started firing a gun. We all covered our ears. When the shots stopped, Kelly and I stood up. "You can go home now." Kelly said, disgust and annoyance filling her voice. "Uh, thanks." He said and slowly stood up. Now that my adrenaline wasn't going and I was calm, I got a good look at him.
  5. He looked like he was seventeen. He had short messy, brown hair and deep green eyes. He was very cute and his cloths were all dirty. "I don't think I caught your names." He said as we stepped onto the sidewalk. "And you don't want to know our names. It'll bring you nothing but trouble. Don't say a word to the police." Kelly said, pointing her finger at his face, and giving him a threatening stare. "Come on, lets go." I told Kelly and we both took off running back home. Twenty minutes later, we reached our town. "Why couldn't you let him die?" Kelly angrily asked. "Why would I let someone die if I knew that I could do something about it?" I retorted. "How did you know about the shots?" Kelly changed the subject. "You know how." I answered and Kelly went silent.
  6. "Let's just get home so our parents won't freak out. We have school in less than six hours." Kelly said. "Agreed." I said and then we both walked our separate ways to get to our homes. We live in Virginia in this small town called Scottsville. It's pretty quiet and peaceful but it has its noisy moments. Once I got to my house, I went to the side of it, and climbed up the vine that lead to my bedroom window on the second flood. I opened up my window and climbed into my room. I looked at myself in the mirror and pulled out a couple of leaves and branches from my blonde hair. If it hadn't been scary, I would've laughed at how ridiculous I looked. I had grass stains on my blue shirt and my jeans. My grey converse had mud on them and so did my right cheek. I looked at the time. It was one in the morning. Four more hours to get ready for school. I groaned and thumped on my bed, immediately falling asleep.
  7. Blurs of colors swirled around me until I was standing in a field. It was very windy and when I looked around, I saw Kelly standing in the field too. "What is this place?" Kelly asked in awe as she looked around. "I don't know." I replied. "Do you think something bad will happen?" Kelly shrugged. "Maybe." "Well, if nothing happens, then I guess it isn't a bad place." I said. "This place gives me the creeps." Kelly said and then swept her head around the field. "Yeah, it does. I feel like we're being watched." I commented and then heard a beeping noise. I saw the swirl of colors again and I woke up.
  8. I looked around and saw my alarm clock beeping. It was 5:30. Time for school. Turning off the alarm, I rolled out of bed, and walked to the bathroom. I took a quick shower, washing away the dirt and leftover leaves. I got out and changed into a pair of light colored skinny jeans, a red shirt, and black boots. I walked back into the bathroom, dried and brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, and put on a necklace that had a silver crescent moon. I heard the bus's horn honk and I quickly ran downstairs, grabbing my bag on the way out, and ran to the bus. I stepped on the bus and walked all the way to the very back, where Kelly was. "How is it that we're sixteen and still take the bus to school?" I asked as I sat down. "How is it that I have black hair? The world may never know." Kelly replied and then went back to playing a game on her iPhone. I just gave her an are-you-serious look and decided to ignore it. The bus continued on its route and then it stopped at a house that it's never stopped at before. Kelly and I exchanged glances and then looked down the aisle to see who it was. My eyes widened as I saw who it was. It was that guy that Kelly and I saved last night.
  9. Cliffhanger!!
  10. I am so very sorry that it was short. Thank you for reading this :). ~Meg.

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