Premonitions (part 4)

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I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every moment of it :D. Thank you guys for taking this. I really appreciate it. :). Thanks ~Meg.

Jingle bells don't moo, they quack!! PuffBall: That is the shortest comment I have ever seen you write :P. booklover411: Well, the next part is here :). xxblutixx: thank you :). And it'll all make sense sooner or later.

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  1. **Kelly's POV** "Kaylee!" I yelled as I saw that my best friend wasn't responding to anything that the medics were saying. I ran next to her stretcher as they rushed her to a surgery room. "I need you to open your eyes up for me, Kaylee." One of the medics said. We went around a corner and Kaylee still wasn't responding. "Is she alive?" I asked, panic rising in my voice. "She's in a coma." One of the medics stated and the other two just nodded their heads. They pushed Kaylee into a room and one of them told me that I had to stay out. I paced back and forth for what seemed like hours, but it was probably a couple of minutes, before Jason and Drake ran towards me. "Is she okay?" Drake huffed, breathless from running. "I-I don't know. The medics said that she went into a coma." I quickly explained and then I saw Kaylee's parents rush down the hall. Well, they weren't her real parents. Kaylee is adopted and frankly, I've never seen them give a care about her, so I was surprised to see them here.
  2. "Where's Kaylee? Is she alright?" Kaylee's "mom" asked. "Why do you care? You've never gave a damn about her before. Why now?" I sharply asked, attitude and anger filling my voice. "What are you talking about, Kelly? She's our daughter." Kaylee's "dad" said. Just then, the news reporter from channel 2 came down the hallway. "You've never cared about her before. And she's not your daughter. You're just here for the camera. You still don't care about her. You never have and you never will." I shouted at them, making them back up. "Hi, we're from channel-" The new reporter lady started. "We know who you are." I snapped at her. "Excuse me, but who are you?" She asked and I felt a smirk creep across my face. "Your worst nightmare." I said in my best threatening voice and then walked away. Before I reached the end of the hallway, someone came out and blocked my path.
  3. "Get out of my way." I growled at him. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked about my age and he was very cute. "Please, I need to tell you something important." He urgently said. "I honestly don't care right now." I said and shoved my way past him. He followed me. "Please, it's important. It could save your life." He pleaded, trying to keep up with me. "I don't care." I harshly said and pushed open the doors to go outside. "Just stop and hear me out." He said. "No!" I yelled and then grabbed a rock the size of my hand and continued to walk. I maneuvered my way through cars and felt the guy behind me he whole time. I don't know how I managed to get there through all of the cars without hesitating, but I finally reached it. I pulled my arm back and chucked the rock at Kaylee's adopted parents car. It broke the windshield and I whirled around to face the guy. "What do you want?" I demanded, my arms crossed, and my gaze as cold as ice. "Do you feel better?" He asked. "A little bit." I replied and he took a step towards me and I took a step back.
  4. "Kelly, I need you to come with me." He said and held out his hand towards me. "How do you know my name? Who are you?" I asked. "Where I'm from, everyone knows your name and Kaylee's name. As for who I am, my name is Skye." Skye introduced himself. "Well, Skye, in case you didn't notice, Kaylee was shot and probably isn't going to wake up anytime soon. And I'm not leaving without her. So, if you'll excuse me, I should probably see how she is." I said and then walked past Skye to the hospital. "I know what happened to Kaylee and I can help." Skye said and that made me stop in my tracks. "How?" I asked. "You have to come with me to find out. Both you and Kaylee." Skye answered. "Not gonna happen." I said and started walking again. "When the doctor's tell you that they can't do anything more and that Kaylee will eventually die, meet me back here." Skye called after me and I waved my hand in the air so he knew that I heard him.
  5. I pushed through the doors and turned around the corner. The Moore's were in the middle of an interview and I saw one of the doctor's come out of the surgery room and walk up to Drake, who was pacing back and forth. The doctor shook his head and I ran towards them. "What happened?" I asked them. "We can't do anything else. Your friend will eventually die." The doctor told me and the Moore's overheard him. "What?" Kaylee's "mom" said, acting shocked. "Oh, shut up. Drop the act." I snapped at her. "All you've ever done for her is give her a scar above her right eye. You don't care what happens to her. You probably want her to die." I yelled at them and noticed that the camera was still rolling. "And turn off that camera." I demanded, putting my hand over it, blocking its view of me. "Kelly, calm down." Drake said and I gave him a glare that said "back off".
  6. I shoved the camera guy against the wall and ran back down the hall to get outside. I pushed open the doors and saw Skye sitting on a bench. I walked towards him and sat down next to him. "What do I have to do?" I finally asked after a moment of silence. "All you have to do is get Kaylee out of there and then both you and her need to come with me." Skye instructed. "And how do I do that?" I asked. "I don't know." Skye honestly said and I sighed. "I have an idea. But it involves other people. Is that okay?" I asked. "Sure." He shrugged and I stood up. "Good. I'll be back." I said and then started walking towards the hospital doors when I saw Drake and Jason standing there. "Who's that?" Drake asked and I felt Skye stand up behind me. "Someone who can help Kaylee." I bluntly replied and then continued on walking. Drake followed me down the hall.
  7. "How?" He asked. "I don't know." I honestly answered. "Then how do you know it'll work?" Drake asked. "I don't. But if she's gonna die anyways, what's the harm in trying?" I pointed out. "And how do you plan on getting her out of there?" Drake asked me as we turned the corner. "Just walk right out of there with her." I simply said and then walked into Kaylee's room. Her "parents" were in there, but no one else. I nodded to Drake and he just rolled his eyes, but obeyed and picked up Kaylee. "What do you think-." Kaylee's "mom" started. "Shut up." I interrupted her and Drake and I walked out of the room, without them not even trying to stop us. I think everyone was either to shocked to stop us or they didn't care. Either way, we walked out of the hospital with no problem. I saw Jason and Skye just staring at each other. They were probably talking, but stopped when we came outside. "I'll get the car." Skye said and then ran off to go get his car. "What were you guys talking about?" I asked Jason. "We weren't talking." Jason avoided eye contact. "Whatever." I said and crossed my arms, waiting for Skye to come. A black Camry pulled up in front of the hospital. Drake climbed in the back along with Jason (and of course Kaylee) while I got shot gun. Without a word, Skye drove off to who knows where.
  8. Cliffhanger!!
  9. Sorry if it was a little bit short.
  10. Thank you for taking this. :). ~Meg.

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