~A One Direction Love Story Part 2~

In this part, you move into your new mansion! I hope you like it, because I put alot of work into it to make you happy! So please show your appreciation. :3

I hope you enjoy this part as much as you enjoyed taking part 1 and I hope you'll enjoy taking part 3 as well! If you love Louis, you'll be one lucky girl in this part! :)

Created by: Br0wnies
  1. Previously: You and your mother were moving out of the United States and moving to Great Britain. You had a "La-la-land" experience about marrying your delicious hoagie (Aww, if I could I would marry my sandwhich too :D), and you and your mother have finally reached Great Britain! In this part, you'll get to see your brand new house! Are you excited? :D
  2. "It's so big! It looks so cool! Can we see the inside, now!?" You say, excited and amazed. "Alright, alright. Calm down, tiger." your mother laughs. (BTW, since I bet you're so eager to know what the outside looks like, it's a mansion. Did I lift your spirits? It has a beautiful tulip, daisy, and rose garden, a water fountain shaped as a dolphin made out of pure silver, and your backyard is HUGE. Your backyard has a bridge that goes over a healthy creak with many beautiful fish, frogs and lilypads living in it, and your backyard includes a swingset, not the childish one, the one with a bench that swings back and forth. Oh, and the bench on your swingset has 2 cupholders! AND...you have your own personal butler. Your mother has one too. The outside of the mansion is huge and white, with many windows. It also has a staircase made out of pure platinum that you go up to go into the mansion. So....let's say you and your mother are rich.) :D
  3. You and your mother walk up the staircase that leads to the inside of the mansion. Your mother pulls out the housekeys. Your mind is saying "YAY I GET TO SEE MY HOUSE OH YEAH!!!" (It's your mind, so no one can hear that. :3) "After you, I bet you're DYING to see the inside." your mother says, letting you inside. "THE INSIDE LOOKS EVEN BETTER THAN THE OUTSIDE!" You scream happily. You run up the staircase to your bedroom. Your bedroom has walls painted into a beautiful sunset, matching your sunset bedspread. You have a HD Television built into your walls. You also have a set of neon pink curtains that leads to a balcony with a beautiful view of many cool sights. You also have your very own walk in closet. With many clothes, sparkly, and casual, weather your in a good or bad mood, you'll know what to wear. You also have your own bathroom. In your bathroom, you have a wide mirror, with a flower pattern painted on it. You also have a bathtub shaped into a circle, like a hot tub. It also works like a hot tub. It has a setting of automatic bubbles. Right beside your toilet, built into the walls, there is a toilet paper holder made out of pure diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. "My room is beautiful! I love it!" you say, hopping onto your bed.
  4. Your mother walks into your room. "I have to go to work, sweetie. Can I trust you to behave while I'm gone?" your mother says, expecting the truth. "Yes, mom." you say. "Good, no parties. Okay?" your mother says. "Okay mom." you say. Your mother kisses your cheek. "Bye, ____!" your mother says. "Bye mom." you say back. Your mother drives to work. *DING DONG!* Goes the doorbell. "I'M COMING!" You scream, hopping off of your bed and heading down the staircase to get the door. As you're about to open the door, the door opens and it knocks you out, giving you a black eye. "Great job, Louis! You knocked her out!" a voice says is a sarcastic voice. "I didn't mean to!" a voice shot back. You wake up. As you open your eyes, you see an unclear vision of all the boys of One Direction. "Are you alright, love?" a hand pulls you up. Your vision is clear now, and you nearly black out again because you see One Direction smiling at you.
  5. "Are you One Direction?" you say, with your eyes twinkling. "Yes." Niall says, nodding. "Come in, Come in!" you say, about to cry of joy. "Thanks, love." Zayn says. All of the boys sit on he sofa. "Do you guys want something to eat?" you offer. "YES." Niall says eagerly. Liam elbows him. "Be polite!" Liam snapped. "Yes please." Niall says, tenderly rubbing his elbowed arm. As you walk into the kitchen, you hear Harry whisper to Louis "She's so hot." Louis nods and whispers "I know right?" Zayn smiles and brags "She's going to date me first." Liam and Niall make dirty looks at Zayn and say "Yeah right!" Liam tries to look all neat and tidy. "She loves me the most." Liam says. "No, she loves me!" Niall snaps, punching Liam. All the boys fight. You overhear the fighting, but feel flattered. (BTW, you're making pasta. :D)
  6. "The pasta is finished!" you call to the boys. You see Niall running into the kitchen before all of the boys. Niall sits down, licking his lips. "Pasta..." Niall says. Followed by Niall, comes in Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam. They sit down, and you put some pasta on each of their plates, including your plate. You sit down with them. "How do you like the pasta?" you ask them. "It's delicious!" they all say. You see Louis staring at his pasta, blushing. "Can I meet you upstairs? Louis asks.
  7. You and Louis head upstairs. Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry are staring at you guys curiously. "Come in here." Louis leads you into the closet. He shuts the door after him. "So, what's up?" you ask. "Um..." you hear him nervously say. "Doyouwannagooutwithmesometime?" he says, very fast. You laugh and say "I'd love to." Louis smiles and sighs in relief. "How about tomorrow, at 8 pm?" You smile. "That sounds great." Louis leans in and kisses you. As you and Louis walk out of the closet and out of your bedroom, you see Harry, Zayn, Niall and Liam on the stairs. "What are you guys doing?" you ask them. "Um--uh...Finding the remote! FOUND IT!" Niall screams, running down the stairs. Liam, Zayn and Harry run after Niall. "Wierd..." Louis says.
  8. You and Louis walk down the stairs and finish your pasta. "Delicious..." Niall says, enjoying the last bites of his pasta. You take the boys' plates and put them in the sink, along with their silverware. "It's getting late, it's about 11 pm." you say, looking at the clock. "We can go if you want--" Louis begins. "--Or maybe we can watch...toy story?" :D Liam says. "Sure." you giggle. You put toy story in the DVR. You get all the boys comfortable pillows and blankets, including yourself. Liam curls up beside your leg. Zayn curls up beside your other leg. Niall goes to push both Zayn and Liam away so he can sit by you. Harry and Louis give them dirty looks.
  9. After the movie is over, you take the movie out of the DVR and you and the boys all fall asleep. Zayn sleeps on your foot. Niall sleeps on your arm. Liam sleeps on your leg. Harry and Louis sleep on the floor where they're close to you. In the morning, your mom comes home and she sees the boys and you sleeping. "____? Who are these boys?" you hear a familiar voice say.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! The next part is your date with Louis! :D

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