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Well, my oh my.. its already the first part of the finale! Time has flown by! my god! this is considedered as part one of three parts of the finale.. this part is for all you niall lovers out there..enjoy!

take the rest of this story love and suprises!? if you havent already, its a one direction love story btw. I hope you all like this! take my other quizzes! with any luck..ill be starting a new series! so dont fret my friends! the end is just the beginning. its always the begining

Created by: ILuvHolister
  1. Hey everybody,hollister here..this is the first of three stories.. depending on who u want to end up with! This one is Niall, the other two are Liam and Harry. Well then, please enjoy!
  2. You stood on the balcony as Niall came out..his face very nervous. One of the things you adored about him,his innocence. "look Katy, we've been dating for a while now and i want you to know that i love you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. Your the ony girl for me,but i also want your happiness..if i dont make you happy then..i guess ill just have to do as the ol quote says'if you love something let it go'--" You cut him off with a kiss.
  3. "You dont need to let me go niall.i am already here,and i want to be with you too." You said with a shy smile. Niall's face gleamed with happiness, and oozed joy. His expression radiated sunshine and a new found confidence."
  4. "really?" he said with a childish tone i his voice.. he cleared his throat and then continued.. " i mean.. you love me too? that..that is such great news!" he said.
  5. "you will be my princess forever Katherine Gracie West." said niall holding your hands in his. "and you,my prince charming."You said with a smile.
  6. Niall's POV: i tried containg this urge to kiss her to merge with her.. there she was looking so amazing with the sunlight hitting her hair and her smiling kind face accepting me!I never knew that she would ever pick me, i mean we were dating,but some part of me kept thinking it was gonna end up like it always has with hazza,or lou,or liam ,or vain zayn getting the girl.
  7. My lips crashed into hers. I could feel sparks every time our lips met. 1,2,3,4,7,12,17! We kept kissing.. we slowly head to the door to go to her room. All the while kissing. Her wight shifted and she was sitting on my lap. We broke for air.. "i love you" i said. "i love you too." she said. A part of me wanted to go further,but the other part of me knew she was still too young for getting pregnant or doing such things.I looked into her eyes..we could read each others thoughts... it wasnt the time. We would wait.
  8. end of niall's pov: you knew right then and there you would wnat to be with niall forever. You graduated from school,told your family about everything that had occured. They were in denial at first but soon you magical and "real" families agreed on one thing.. to let you and niall be together.
  9. 1 year later (after graduation): "honey im home!" called niall from downstairs.. you and niall had just moved in to a new huge house by the beach, that was just for you and him and the guys when they felt neccesary to visit. Niall had gotten enough money from his one direction days, yes one direction was no more. with all the gossip sorrounding you and the boys and their girlfriends..simon decidede it would be the end of one direction. But niall wasnt about to give up,he formed a new band composed of him and lou,and liam,and was called lwwy, live while we're young and became a bigger hit then one direction,without the horrible lengthy schedules,so niall had more time with you.
  10. What happened to harry you ask? he sorta became a loner,but a better person as a whole..much more down to earth and not soo high and mighty.. he often did volunteer work and made several donations to those who needed it. He found a girl.. Kierra,who he loved with all his heart.
  11. 2 weeks later: you and niall had gotten married..everyone had been there.. it was amzing!
  12. "remember when we werent ready to go all the way?" said niall. "mhmm." you said. "well we are now,arent we." he said. "yes,yes we are." 9 months later: You gave birth to the first of four children youd have with niall.. you named him nate, then you had a daughter named emily, another son named jacob, and one last daughter named karol.
  13. You all lived happily together for many years.. had many adventures and only two disagreements. When you died you died happy, and together with niall of old age. (you both died at the same time"
  14. As they have said in time's gone past.. "if you live to be a hundred i want to live to be a hundred minus a i wont have to live without you." and in the words of the legends one direction.. "live while we're young" --- You may get older and fade from the t.v.'s and radioes..but dear one direction will never fade from our memories and hearts.. The end is always just the beginning of another story...

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