Who will you fall in love with 3 (finale)

Recap: Gordon has you in a bag, and he's taking you to a place that you have no idea where this place is. So you've been kidnapped, and everyone's upset.

I hope you took 1 and 2, because you might get terribly confused if you didn't. And I know this is very sad, but this is the finale! No more after this! Or at least this series...

Created by: Gbeth
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  1. Gordon drives you in his car, then takes you to a mysterious cottage, where he rakes off your bag."____, meet my girlfriend, Dusk." ( if your name happens to be Dusk, imagine it's something else)
  2. You stay at Gordon's cottage, before taking a taxi back. When you step out, Patrick steps out from a pillar and says,"I've been worrying a lot about you, honeypie."
  3. You went up to your room after passionately kissing Patrick, then you go to your room and find Derek sitting on your bed, with his IPod cranked up and playing "I will sometimes say never". "Hey, is it me, or did someone just put the hottest woman in the world in this room?"
  4. You and Derek make out until Sean enters the room. "Hey, _____, I have something for you." You follow Sean into his room, where he takes of his shirt and kisses you.
  5. After 10 minutes, Andy enters, looking VERY sad. "What's wrong?" you ask. "My grandma just died."
  6. You passionately kiss Andy on the cheek, before Andy tells you, "Goodnight,____, you're gonna need your rest for tomorrow."
  7. You wake up in the morning and go downstairs, where you see Derek and Patrick are fighting, and Sean is threatening Andy.
  8. The boys stop, and the five of you eat breakfast, Sean clears his throat and says, "____, you're 3 days are up..."
  9. "...so it's time to choose which one of us you'll date." Are you ready?
  10. Who do you pick?

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall in love with 3 (finale)