Who will you fall in love with 2

Recap: Gordon left the mansion after attacking you, and you are very pleased with all of the boys, but one more than the rest... *mysterious music* hehehe.

So, if you didn't take the first quiz, you probably won't get what I'm blabbing about, so if you didn't take part 1, you might not understand what I'm talking about in this quiz

Created by: Gbeth

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  1. So you are in the kitchen and have emptied you bladder the modern way. Who do you thank first?
  2. Sean begs for you to go with him up to his room, and you follow. The next thing you know, you are making out with him.
  3. When you are all done, you wok into your room and find Patrick sitting on your bed. "Good, ____, you're here."
  4. You make out for about 5 minutes when Andy walks in. He told you he has a song he wrote and he wants you to hear it.
  5. Anyways, you let him sing the song, and you love it! Then after kissing him, you walk downstairs and find Derek on the couch, waiting for you.
  6. You begin to kiss him when the rest of the boys come down and tell you that Gordon has been spotted outside your room.
  7. You go to your room, where the boys follow you up to. They seem nervous, like something they know about will happen.
  8. You leave to grab a snack from the kitchen. At the bottom of the stairs a voice says, "I've been looking for you, ____."
  9. It's Gordon, who takes out a giant bag and bags you and runs! Who do you call for?
  10. Oh, the suspense! What will happen next? Okay, now who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Who will I fall in love with 2