Who'll you love? 2

Hello this is 2 on Who'll you love? Hope you enjoy it! If you comment and rate i'll promise to make number 3 ASAP. Please i need comments!! Well enjoy the quiz!

There are three boys: Zac, Jacob, and Josh. Who'll you love? Which one will be yours? Who will you fall for? Find out by taking this quiz! Now and enjoy!!!

Created by: Scar

  1. So quick questions first: Favorite color?
  2. Favorite combinations in movies?
  3. Ok so the mugger pointed the gun at you as was about to shoot you until Zac knocks the mugger out, Jacob picks you up and kisses your cheek, and Josh drives the car away when you guys got inside the car.
  4. "You needto be more careful,"Jacob warned. "they're are muggers everywhere." "I'm glad you're safe,"Josh sighed in relief. "We're really sorry about you're parents, Zac added.
  5. They take you to their house and you all watch movies for the rest of the night. What did you like most?
  6. You finally go up to your room and go to sleep. You have this weird dream that you were drowning in an ocean and wake up, scared. Sudddenly Josh comes your room and strokes your hair until you finally go back to sleep.
  7. You finally wake up and go downstairs to see no one up yet. So you go back to bed. but then you hear this scratching noise in the window and suddenly it breaks and someone comes in.
  8. The boys hear the glass break and run to your room to see what's going on.
  9. You stand there frozen as the figure comes closer.
  10. Cliffhanger!!!
  11. who do you love?
  12. If you comment and rate i'll make number 3 faster alright?

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