Love at Midnight

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This is my first quiz series, but still i think it will turn out good. so this is one of those stories where someone knocks you out and you wake up in a weird room, but there will be twists and turns. You might even die!

Jk, jk, or am i. So cut me some slack if this one is bad, but i promise it will get better. so enjoy and have fun. Lala lala. I have to keep typing. so Bye!

Created by: 1Direction Gurl
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  1. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! "Shut up!" I yell at my alarlm clock. Monday again. Boring classes, boring teachers and boring people. I drag myself out of bed and go to the bathroom to look at how horrible I look. I brush my teeth and straiten my wild hair. I put on...
  2. I put on some makeup to finish my look. When I get down stairs I find my brother in his boxers diging into some pancakes. "So, you're gonna wear nothing but boxers to school today." I say going into my small kitchen. "No, I'm not because I don't have to go to school today. Juniors don't have to go today. Sophmores have to go, sorry sis." he said coming into the kitchen with his plate. My brother has dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. To sum it all up, we look nothing alike.
  3. "You better get going. Bus will be here in thirty seconds." I almosted choked on the water i was drinking. "What, it's that time already?" "Twenty seconds. I would hurry if I were you." i grabed a poptart and ran out the door. I stood there for about five minutes when i realised he tricked me.
  4. "You tricked me! Why?!" i yelled stomping into the living room. He just kept on staring at the TV. "Answer me, now!" His eyes were glued on the TV. "BRYAN!" "No need to yell." he said still with his eyes staring at the TV.
  5. "Get to the bus stop, thirty seconds for real." "What you're lying." This time he faced me. "Wanna bet." I looked at the clock. Twenty seconds. "Poo," I whispered. "You owe me twenty dollars from our bet, ______!" he yelled after me.
  6. "Hey, ____! You have a good weekend?" My bus driver asked me. He has brown hair, brown eyes and a really hot tan. "It was good. How was yours, Lucas?" i asked him back. "It was... weird. Well have a good rest of the day." "Thanks, you too."
  7. I found Lulu at the second to last row in the back. "Hey, _____." she greeted me with a wave. I sat down next to her. She had blond hair with green bangs and blue eyes. She was unique, she doesn't care what people think of her and she's just genrally brilliant. "Poptart, really?" "It's a Monday, don't judge me, okay." "Hon, I'm judging. So how bad was your brother? What did he do this time?" she asked breaking off a piece of my poptart without asking and eating it. "You know my family so well. And, um, did you ask, because i don't remember you asking?" i inquired. "You know me so well. Can i have some please?" she put on puppy dog eyes that she knows that i'm ammune to. "No, not until you tell me about you and Liam."
  8. "Well we're getting serious and guess what?!" she almost yelled. "What?!" "He made me this ring." She showed me a beautiful bronze ring with a mini dimond with her name carved into it. "That is sooooo sweet!" I said now wishing i had a boyfriend. I promised myself i would stay single until i was a grown up and followed through ever since. But now this was one of the times i wish i didn't make myself promise. "I know. I love it and this afternoon he's taking me to this fancy restraunt that only the good people can get into." Did I mention Liam was rich. That's how he got the dimond to put in the ring and all the tools to build it. Liam had curly brown hair with green and i mean really green eyes. He has an accent, British of course, that all girls are a suckers for. Well almost all the girls. I don't really find it attractive. It's cool but not really hot.
  9. I got off the bus. This i saw my boy best friend. He was making out with a girl behind a tree. I said goodbye to Lulu. Or atleast i tried. She was too busy making out with Liam. I decided to check out who the girl was making out with my best friend. Great, she was... Cliffhanger.
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  11. Purple! HaHa

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