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Hi! I'm the quiz maker of "Love found at sea", "Tough Romance", "Its all in the dress girl!", "Life has more meaning to it", and Midnight! This is a new series that I thought of!

Comment and tell me if you like it. Cause if you don't I'd probaly wont continue this. I'm still making "Love found at sea". I have not abandoned that one. But I hope you have a good time and thanks!

Created by: Wolfygirl
  1. You wake up in the morning. Get out of bed and do your daily warm-ups and hygene tasks. You wear.......
  2. You walk to school and bump into Steven. He had purple dyed hair and purple eyes. He was tall and hot. But a trouble maker. "Hey _____. How its go!" He said putting a high five near you. You look at him with a "I'm not doing that" expression. "Comon have some fun!" He said. "Your fun gets me in trouble Steven" You say. "Your now acting all Miss Mature chick now? What happened to you over the summer?" He said "I want wild ____." "That wild chick is not coming back. You got me into so much trouble last year." You say and walked away.
  3. After first period you see Brad. He had green eyes and brown hair. He was so cute. You knew him since 5th grade. But you were never really friends. "Hi ______." He said. "Hi Brad how does it go for you?" You ask. "Good, i-it all g-goes good with me! H-how about y-you?" He stuttered. "I'm fine. But nice talk. I have to get going." You say walking away. "B-bye!" He stuttered.
  4. *Lunch* You sit in a table that was emptied. You hear someone sit next to you. You look and see its Nathan. The quarterback for the football team. He had blue dyed hair with dark blue eyes. He was tall and muscular and he was sexy. "Hi _____" He said. "Hi Nathan, what brings you here?" You asked. "I need some help with my homework. Can you help me?" He asked. You nodded your head "Sure, when do you want to start?" You ask. "Can it be this saturday?" He asked. You nodded your head. "Yeah at 9 am?" You asked. He nodded his head. "Yeah thanks ____" He said leaving.
  5. You think to yourself "Wow he's hot!" You tried not to blush. After school your walking out of school and feel an arm go around your shoulder. You looked to your right and saw Jack. This guy with super dark dyed green hair that it looks black in the distance. But up close you see the bright green color. He had yellow eyes that were shocking to you. He was smart and a jerk. "Hi ___" He said. "What do you want?" You said getting his arm off of you. "Nothing just wanted to say hi and see how you were doing." He said walking away. He had that smile. You felt on your back a sticky note. It said "Moron". You grew hot and said "Your a jerk Jack!" But he was far away but you knew he could hear you.
  6. You walk home alone and go to sleep. Next thing you knew it was saturday. You walked to Nathan's house. You helped him with his homework. But he seemed not focused on the homework. But he was more focused on you.
  7. Then once you were done you left. You hear yelling in the other house next to Nathan's. You hear glass break and you think "Crazy people"
  8. You walk around town and see Brad. He was at a florist's place. You come in and say "Hey Brad what are you doing at the florist?" He turns around and says "My sister is in the hospital. A car accident happened and she's now paralized for the rest of her life......she likes flowers so I'm buying her some." Brad esplained. "Oh well its good that she's okay." You say. "Yeah....." Brad said. The florist gives him some flowers and he says after paying for them. "I'lm s-sorry but I gotta get going. I'm kinda b-busy t-today." He said leaving. "Bye" You say.
  9. You see Steven buying a yogurt at golden spoon. You talk with him for a while. You found out that you miss being the wild chick. But you knew that you would get in so much trouble. "Well so what are you planning to do after you graduate?" You ask him. "Probably a stunt guy or something. I want do something thrilling!" He said. "Cool that type of job should satify you." You say. "What are you gona do?" He asked. "Probably a artis." You say. "Cool artis are always cute." He said. He looked at you. You say your good-byes and leave.
  10. You walk around and see Jack. He was in the book store. He was looking at books called "Physics", "Biology","Calculus" and more higher level books. You smiled and got a book. You snuck up behind him and slammed it closed. A little girl jumped and a dog started barking. Jack noticed you and said "Hello _____" You wanted to drop your jaw. "You didn't hear the slam?" You say. "What slam?" He asked. "When I slammed the book closed right by your ear!" You say. "Oh that one. Yeah I saw you walking up behind me with that." He said, "I would like to chit chat but I have to get going" He walked away and put the book away and left.
  11. Hi! Thats the end of part 1! Comment and rate please!

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