Does he like/love you?

Does he like, love, or hate you? if you're not sure, why don't you take the quiz to see if he likes/loves or dislikes you? this isn't totally accurate, but it is as accurate as i could make it!

There are many men/boys who like/love you, but not all boys want you! if you have one boy in mind that you really like but don't know if he likes you, why don't you find out?

Created by: 56894

  1. Whenever you're around, does he duck his head and go into another room?
  2. Does he laugh at your lame jokes? (Sorry if this is insulting)
  3. Have you ever seen him with another girl?
  4. Does he blush whenever you talk to him?
  5. Does he push aside 'dates' with other people (like for business, family, etc.) to go out with you?
  6. Have you found him looking dreamily at you?
  7. Do you two cuddle up together?
  8. Does he make attempts to hold your hand?
  9. Does he hang out around you and your friend with his friends?
  10. Finally, do you like/love or hate/dislike him? him?

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