the journey to midnight (part 2)

well this is part two of my new series the journey to midnight i hope you guy like it

and pleas read the first one so every thing makes since

Created by: wolfgirl1920
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  1. They woke up by being poked by something sharp. Nightshade turned over to see four people in armer they all had dragons so it was clear they were on there side. Nightshade was know thinking how was she going to get that threw there heads. Sapphire got up and said in a brave voice for a fifteen year old "i am sorry sorry if we trussed passed but we were just looking for a place to rest. we will be leaving soon" Nightshade got up a little pissed and said "do you know were the emerald kingdom is." a guy her age said "why do you what to know" in a voice that sounded as pissed of as hers. she said "why do you care" before the boy could say a bother word he walked between them this guy looked also there age she could not tell with all the armer. he walked over to Sapphire knowing she was more reasonable then Nightshade. Nightshade left to go on a small walk.
  2. On the walk Nightshade got the felling she was being fallowed. she turned around to see one of the boys in the armer he walked over to her and took of his armer. He had blond hair the fell partly in his ice blue eyes that had small spots of dark blue in them. when she noticed the dark in his eyes she remembered only children of the night have those (that is like immortals that are on the dark side but they have a choice to be good or bad) Before Nightshade could speak he said "yes i am a child of the night and i can tell you are to" Nightshade "how did you know i was going to say that and yes i am a child of the night." He said "i can read minds of the other children of the night remember. i am a dark angle what are you" she said "i am the same thing" He turned into a dark angle to show her and so did she.
  3. He had golden blue eyes instead of ice blue and his wings were black and dragged on the floor a little. Nightshade turned into a dark angle form to. her eyes were know golden and her wings were black also and they dragged. The boy introduced him self "my name is Bryan yours" my name is nightshade" nightshade asked 'do you guys live at the emerald kingdom and if you do can you take us there." he looked at the ground and said "i would love to take you to the emerald kingdom theres just one problem immortals are not allowed in the emerald kingdom anymore" Nightshade looked like she wanted to kill something "why the hell would they do that we could help them." "i know but after they saw what we can do they that we were a threat" bryan said Nightshade looked hart broken be four she could say anything else Bryan said "Me and my mentors are going to find a town that is all immortals you can come with is your friend a immortal" "ya" Nightshade said Bryan looked cheerful. they both turned back to human form and when back to the small meadow
  4. They got back to the camp and saw Sapphire and the other boy talking Nightshade herd his name it was Alec he had his armer of and had dark brown shaggy hair and green eyes. They were talking about how stupid things were for immortals. They turned and saw Nightshade and Bryan. Alec said "oh speak of the devil's" Bryan "ha ha ha ha ha sooooooo funny and i am guessing your a angle" "hey at least i am not a dark one" after that Bryan and Alec were fighting they turned into there immortal form. Alec was a gray werewolf and Bryan turned into a dark angle. They started to play fight for a little bight in tell Nightshade walked between them giggling a little and said "not to ruin your bromance but i think we should get going if this is emerald kingdoms territory." Alec stopped and turned into a human and said "fine" giving Bryan time to tackle him Bryan said "i win"
  5. The two other guys took there gear of and introduced them selfs. "i am thorn this is my brother scar Thorn had amber eyes and black hair he was twenty seven. his brother scar had brown hair and blue eyes he was twenty three
  6. Bryan asked Nightshade if she would like to met his dragons she said yes. they walked over to the dragons area first nightshade introduced night fire then talon. bryan "wow they are really cool looking now it is time you meet my dragons." they walked over to them "i would like you to meet nightmare " why is his name nightmare" "because after you fight him you will be having nightmares for months". Nightmare was pick black with fiery amber eyes. then they looked at Alec's dragon. Alec's dragons name was bone because he had a tail bone sticking out if his blue scales. then the last two Scars dragon was green with purple eyes thorns dragon was red with yellow eyes.
  7. Sapphire and Alec were both laughing. Even though Nightshade could not see the cuter she new they would be in love forever. she herd a voice in her hard say "so called it" she looked around and saw Bryan behind her smiling. She walked over to him and said "so how you doing in a playful tone." as they were talking thorn ws getting ready to leave he told scar to go get Nightshade and Bryan. scar walked over to them and threw them both over his shoulders he was surprisingly strong he said "time to go love birds" nightshade "eeewww gross i would never date him" bryan looked over at her and said "who would wont to miss all of this" gesturing at his face. nightshade said "i know a lot of people" bryan "you know you what it" scar put them down and they all got on there dragon.
  8. they were all flying when they herd a scream from the dark forest.
  9. well tell me who you like and what girl is your favorite
  10. and tell me if you wont thorn and scar to be answers

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