Medieval Love: Runaway [[Part 1]]

Hi, everyone! ZephyrPhoenix001 here! So.. this is my first series quiz about a princess [[you]] being forced to marry someone who she doesn't even know. So she runs away. Basically, this is how some adventures take place when three young men join her in this journey.

Being princess of a land means that you get whatever you want, right? Having servants do your biddings, right? And bunch of other cool and care-free stuff right? Well, yes. Until it comes to the part called "arranged marriages" that is. And after thinking about it for a split second, you have decided: might as well run away.

Created by: ZephyrPhoenix001

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  1. It was in the middle of the night when you had made you decision. You were going to run away. As you stuff your things into your duffle bag, your mind wanders off to an hour ago when your father had dropped a news bomb on you. "____, you are getting married," he had announced. Up to this point, you'd thought getting married would be the most wonderful thing in you life, correct? Yes, but not unless it was an arranged marriage to a person you don't even know! "Now, don't be upset-" he tried to say, but you immediately cut him off. "Upset? Father, I've passed upset the moment you said the word 'married,'" you had said annoyed, but he just ignored you. "____, you know this is for the kingdom. As king, I need to make the tough decisions and I've decided that in order to keep peace, you must marry one of King Darren's sons," he said rationally. You rolled your eyes at that statement. You've always known that as princess you had your duties, but getting married to unknown men is just too far. "I know it's my responsibility, but, Father, we agreed to no arranged marriages back when I was a young toddler!" you had tried to protest, but he just shook his head. Your mother was no help either. She had simply only sighed and shook her head saying, "Your father has decided that I should take no part in this." You had turned back desperately to your father and opened your mouth to protest again, but he had stated, "No, ____, it has been settled. There is nothing you can do to change my mind. You are excused," with a wave of his hand, your father had sent you to your room, and that leads us up to why you were packing your duffle bag in the first place. Running away seemed like a very good option.
  2. As you finished packing your clothes, you slowly open your sleeping chamber's door careful not make too much noise. You were wearing your dark brown riding dress with a cloak on your back ready for your journey to who-knows-where. Slipping into the grand cooking room, you grab a cloth and place three small loaves of bread, jam, some oranges, two apples, a banana, and a bunch of grapes on it. Pulling all four corners together, you make a small bag full of snacks. Hopefully, this would give you some strength before you find another village or town. Suddenly, you hear footsteps nearing the room. Looking around, you try to find the nearest place of cover. Swiftly, you dash to the door on the far side and you close it behind you with the cloth if snacks in hand. You realize that the person who was walking to the cooking room was none other than your best friend, Evelyn. "I could've sworn I heard ____ in here," you heard her say. Sighing you look down to the floor.
  3. With a silent huff, you run through the castle, dodging guards and some servants making your way to the great library. Quickly, you go towards the far end of the room, and pull on a small book on the bottom shelf. Suddenly, the book case moves towards you to reveal a secret passageway.
  4. The moment you step in, the door closes behind you. Reaching for the torch with your right hand, you walk down the cold, damp passage until you reach a dead end. Raising your torch, you look for a specific brick with a chalk marking on it. With a smile, you found it and pressed it revealing a ladder up to the stables. Putting the torch out, you throw it over to the side not caring. This might just be the last time you'd ever see the passage again. Stepping out, you climb the ladder and push back a stack of hay that was covering it. As you covered the ladder again, your horse, Shadow Wing, neighed seeing you. Putting your finger to your lips, you silenced him easily. Walking over, you saddled him quickly, stuffed your food and duffle bag into the saddle, grabbed you sword and dagger from the armory, which happened to be next to the stables, and mounted as quickly as any princess could possibly go. Looking up at the starry night sky, you realize you only have your compass, the stars, and your will to guide you now. "Goodbye, life as a princess; hello life as a runaway," you say. Without even turning back, you gallop off at full speed into the woods.
  5. No more than two hours later of just trotting along, you realize you're being followed. Turning your head, you immediately notice a faint figure of another person on a horse following you. Thinking that your father might have sent them, you quicken your pace. He does the same. Suddenly, you break off into a full gallop. He person behind you was surprised, but quickly regained his thoughts and went after you. With a start, you realize two others who are on both sides of you. 'Oh, lovely, three people chasing me? Fun,' you think dodging another branch.
  6. Glancing behind you, the first one that you noticed was not too far behind. The people on either side of you are closing in, you realize, but you just continue your quick gallop. Turning around once more to check on your pursuers, you don't notice a low branch in front of you; thus, you get knocked off of Shadow Wing in a blink of an eye.
  7. Two of them catch up quickly, the other goes ahead for your horse. Scrambling to get on your feet, you un-sheath your sword as they dismount. The moment they pull down their hoods, however, you realize they are about your age and rather cute too. 'They're chasing you, ____; they're stalkers,' you think to yourself, gripping your sword tighter.
  8. As they turn toward you, you realize that they don't seem very... bad. Nonetheless you keep your guard up. But while you do you can't help but study them for a bit. The first that you noticed, you realize, wore glasses. He had somewhat long, jet black hair that seemed like fine silk that stopped above his eyebrows. His eyes, under the dim moonlight, you notice were light brown. But that wasn't the only thing you notice about his eyes; they were intelligent. Just by a quick glance you realize that he knew quite a bit. In fact, he was more or less a scholar. Nonetheless, he was good-looking.
  9. The one who was next to him had bright blonde hair. Squinting, you also notice tints of soft brown. This one had slightly shorter hair than the first, but he still seemed cute. His green eyes were evident even with the dim light emitting from the moon. Somehow, you could tell that he was a bit younger than the first. Was it the height? Or the facial features? Maybe, but it wasn't the time to figure out right now.
  10. "Princess, let us ex-," the blonde began to say, but you quickly cut him off. "What do you want?" you demanded, "Why were you following me?" The two looked at each other and sighed. "Princess, we were sent by your father. He knew that you would do something like this so he assigned us to-" the blonde one was explaining, however you cut him off again. "Take me back home?" you snapped. "I don't think so!" The one with the glasses stepped forward calmly and pushed your sword down when you pointed it at him. "Princess ____, he did not send us to return you to the kingdom," he said coolly; you simply raise an eyebrow in question. "He sent us to accompany you," he finished.
  11. Just as you were about to open your mouth to say something, hooves pounding on the forest ground were heard. You look to your right to find the last of the three guys riding his horse with Shadow Wing in tow. Dismounting, he held the reigns in his hand and walked over to you. Handing you the reigns without a single word, you notice his features. Unlike the other two, this one seemed to have a much anti-social personality; you could just feel it. He had jet black hair like the one with the glasses except his hair reached all the way down to his eyes. However, even if his hair does cove them, you notice a pair of electric blue orbs that stared back at you. Quickly you broke the gaze and he walked silently to the other two.
  12. "Who are you?" you ask eyeing them. The one with the glasses spoke. "We are your protectors from this point on. Your father understands that you need time to think so he has sent us for your protection. My name is Ethan. These are my younger brothers Skandar," -he motioned to the blue-eyed one- "and Dillon," he said motioning then to the blonde haired one. You sighed sharply. "Father is too protective," you muttered under your breath. Looking up at the three of them, you pursed you lips. "Fine," you said. "Let's just set up camp here and get some rest. We'll talk more of this in the morning."
  13. The three boys nodded and began to sen up camp by starting a small fire and rolling out their sleeping blankets. Rolling your eyes you knew you didn't have one so you were going to have to sleep on the soft grass. Suddenly, a blanket was being held in front of you. There, Dillon was standing there handing you his blanket. You shook your head. "I couldn-" you began to say, but he cut you off this time. "Just take it already, Princess. Besides, Skandar never uses his. I'll use that one." Smiling, you take it and mutter a thanks. This might not a be so bad after all. Well, you'll find out in the morning.
  14. Okay, so that's the end of "Medieval Love: Runaway [[Part 1]]"! Hope yall enjoyed. Part 2 might come out soon. Depend on your comments and such. So comment, kay? Okay, so that's pretty much it. Kthnxbai!

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