Medieval Love Part 3



Created by: Horseluver

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  1. I have gotten one request throughout all the comments, and that is to make it longer. I'm going to make the questions more detailed. Hope this is what you guys meant!
  2. Who did you get last time?
  3. * Recap * You were sitting in the stands with William, watching Thomas and George joust, I hadn't said who's won yet.
  4. Thomas and George gallop toward each other, you lean forward in your seat. The knights' lances clash, Thomas in the chest, George in the head. You jump a little, but William takes your hand and you relax. The judges raise the flags, 2 points for Thomas, 1 for George.
  5. The knights charge again, this time, Thomas hitting George in the chest, and George hitting Thomas again in the chest. 2 flags go up, but Thomas got to 3 points first, winning the match.
  6. Thomas rides up to you, his armor is badly dented but he's smiling. "Did you enjoy the match, ____?" he askes. You smile. "Very much so, Thomas." William stands. "Come, ____, let's go." You wave to Thomas, who tries to smile, clearly sad you're leaving. "Would you like to come to my home later?" you ask suddenly. William stops and looks at you, but stays quiet. Thomas grins. "I should like nothing more, My Lady."
  7. Later that day, when William had left, you're sitting at your window waiting for Thomas to come. Finally, you see a bright white speck coming up the road. Knowing that horse, you put on your simplest but nicest dress, and head downstairs. Outside, Thomas is standing holding his horse's reins. He bows as you open the huge oak doors and make your way down the steps to him. "Welcome, Sir Thomas." You turn towards the stable and call for the stable hand. A little boy of ten runs up, his brown hair tangled but his blue eyes full of light. "Please take this horse to the stables, see that he has water and some grain." The boy nodds and takes the horse. You turn to the knight. "Pleae come inside," you say gesturing to door.
  8. You're a little nervous, so you start how any host would. "Would you care for a drink, perhaps something to eat?" you ask the knight. "A bit of water will be fine, thank you." You scurry out to the water pump and fill a small cup. When you bring it back inside, you realize the knight had been watching you the whole time. "You know," he says. "I have never seen such a beautiful girl." And he comes over and kisses you. When he pulls away, he tries to speak, but can't. You smile at him. He tries to bow, and says, "I must leave, My Lady, good day." And he hurries out the door.
  9. The next day you receive a letter. It's from George. You open it and it says, "____, I am sorry I did not win as I promised. If you can forgive me, meet me behind the stadium tonight. With love, George." Are you gonna go?
  10. Well no matter what you said you're going.
  11. So, that night, you go to the staduim, and sure enough, George is standing there. He half smiles when he sees you. You walk up to him. "What did you what to tell me?" you ask. He rubs the back of his neck. "_____," he moves forward and abruptly kisses you. His brown hair curtains your face and when he pulls back, his golden eyes are staring into your ____ ones. "I love you." You're not sure what to say. What are you supposed to say in this situation?
  12. You desperately look for an answer, but finally you just say. "I have to leave now." And before he can speak, you turn and head home.

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