How much do you know about Medieval weaponary?

Many people find weaponary interesting and know much about the subject especially when it comes to Medieval weaponary. The Medieval period was very dark and bloodthristy, so weaponary was mosty used in this era than in any other known.

How much do you happen to know about the weaponary designed and used in the Medieval ages? Do you know the parts of a sword? Which weapon was used for what? Who used a specific weapon? Spare a few mintues and find out.

Created by: Jacqie

  1. True or False: Men at this time were expected to be skilled in using weaponary?
  2. What is the Arbalest?
  3. The most common a of all Medieval weapons is/are...
  4. The Quarterstaff was
  5. Who provided the weaponary?
  6. When peasants were called to The Battlefield what were they armed with?
  7. What is the Battering Ram?
  8. What is the earilest Medieval sword made?
  9. Which swords were used in tournatments?
  10. Which one of these facts on Medieval swords is incorrect?
  11. Single-handed Swords are all but...
  12. What doesn't the hilt consist of?
  13. The smallsword is the descendant of...
  14. The CoP is...
  15. The solleret...
  16. Is there a difference between a lance and a spear?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Medieval weaponary?